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McCain Challenges Obama To Ten Joint Town Hall Meetings

Posted by Mike on June 4, 2008

The first day of the general election between Barack Obama and John McCain saw each candidate deliver a speech to the nation, with the empty suit delivering the superior performance. When it comes to speeches, this is going to be the norm. For this reason, I appreciate it when the McCain campaign thinks outside the box and seeks new ways to show the American people how unready Obama is to be Commander in Chief.

Today’s letter from McCain to Obama in which the war hero challenged the empty suit to ten joint town hall meetings is an excellent example. One of Obama’s glaring weaknesses is his inability to explore any of his positions in depth. Whenever he is forced to discuss a topic in detail, he either exposes his ignorance (like he did when he displayed his ignorance about Al Qaeda in Iraq), proposes something even crazier than he already believes (like he did when he entertained the idea of bombing Pakistan), or simply lashes out (“Come on! I just answered, like, eight questions!“). McCain will never deliver a better speech than Obama, but he is capable of discussing issues without sounding like a fool. Ten town hall meetings, with no MSM moderator to protect Obama, would be right up McCain’s alley.

The best case scenario would be for Obama to accept McCain’s challenge. If he does, then he will have ten chances to make a fool of himself and provide footage for McCain’s campaign commercials. The worst case scenario would be for Obama to reject the challenge. If this happens, then McCain could simply point out how the empty suit is more willing to meet with Ahmadinejad or Castro than he is to meet General Petraeus or John McCain.

Either way, this was a good move by John McCain.

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Carter Gives Advice to Obama

Posted by Ryan on June 4, 2008

Don’t do it, dude!  Just don’t do it! 

That was the gist of Jimmah Carter’s advice to Obama.  “It” being Obama naming She Who Must Not Be Named as Veep.  However, others have a different point of view, saying that putting the She-Witch on the ticket could unite the party! 

Or it could, as Carter aptly notes, bring someone on the ticket who has super-high negatives in the general population.  That’s actually a good point!  Another great point is that Obama needs to pick someone who compensates for his flaws.  Seems like common sense, but all the press on Obama and SWMNBN has been through the lens of the Democrat Party and not the general population.  This kind of issue keeps the Operation Chaos going strong.

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