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McCain Challenges Obama To Ten Joint Town Hall Meetings

Posted by Mike on June 4, 2008

The first day of the general election between Barack Obama and John McCain saw each candidate deliver a speech to the nation, with the empty suit delivering the superior performance. When it comes to speeches, this is going to be the norm. For this reason, I appreciate it when the McCain campaign thinks outside the box and seeks new ways to show the American people how unready Obama is to be Commander in Chief.

Today’s letter from McCain to Obama in which the war hero challenged the empty suit to ten joint town hall meetings is an excellent example. One of Obama’s glaring weaknesses is his inability to explore any of his positions in depth. Whenever he is forced to discuss a topic in detail, he either exposes his ignorance (like he did when he displayed his ignorance about Al Qaeda in Iraq), proposes something even crazier than he already believes (like he did when he entertained the idea of bombing Pakistan), or simply lashes out (“Come on! I just answered, like, eight questions!“). McCain will never deliver a better speech than Obama, but he is capable of discussing issues without sounding like a fool. Ten town hall meetings, with no MSM moderator to protect Obama, would be right up McCain’s alley.

The best case scenario would be for Obama to accept McCain’s challenge. If he does, then he will have ten chances to make a fool of himself and provide footage for McCain’s campaign commercials. The worst case scenario would be for Obama to reject the challenge. If this happens, then McCain could simply point out how the empty suit is more willing to meet with Ahmadinejad or Castro than he is to meet General Petraeus or John McCain.

Either way, this was a good move by John McCain.

Reuters Photo

3 Responses to “McCain Challenges Obama To Ten Joint Town Hall Meetings”

  1. Walker said

    These town hall meetings could be the best development in American Presidential political campaigning in decades! Hats off to McCain for suggesting them and to Obama to seeing their value. It’s high time we relegate the media to their rightful place as neutral observer, rather than as framers of the debate. I think Americans may be surprised to discover that they actually have a good choice this year, when these two show they can have an intelligent and civil discussion about a wide range of issues. There are still a lot of fundamentals that need to change about how politics is run in the US and the role of money, wealth, and corporate influence – but if these town hall meetings come to pass, and the questions are truly representative of a wide range of Americans, then they are certainly a step in the right direction.

    That said, you’re naive if you believe they would be a walk in the park for McCain. Conservative columnist David Brooks warned against such a presumption. The Harvard educated lawyer will do just fine and demonstrate to impartial observers that he has a strong hold on the issues. I hope both candidates do well, because that would increase the likelihood that this style of debate would become a new tradition.

  2. Ryan said

    Good points. I think that McCain needs to stay on offense throughout the entire campaign season and not give Obama any ammo through bad p.r. stunts or gimmicks. If Obama is the rock star, McCain needs to be the steady hand.

  3. Bob said

    This is McCains chance to really expose Obama for the empty suit that he is. The republicans under Bush always had to worry every time Dubya opened his mouth. Now the GOP has Obama where they want him if they take the opportunity and hit him hard with questions. Obama will probably wimp out due to without a written script he probably doesn’t know where some of the states are.

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