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She Finally Bowed Out

Posted by Ryan on June 7, 2008

Only 45 minutes late to her concession speech (not bad for that family), She Who Must Not Be Named graciously accepted defeat and told her cronies to support Barack Obama.  The crowd was sad, but highly enthused throughout the speech.  However, every single time she brought up how she will support the Empty Suit, a good amount of her throng booed!  Many actuallyand very audibly booed the thought of helping Obama!  She looked into the crowd with disgust for a brief moment, but deep down we know she was with them.  Her speech was full of self-congratulation and thinly disguised remorse.

So, there are two signs that we may not be stepping nearer to the apocalypse this year:  SWMNBN is out, and her supporters are sour on Obama!

Pic from PR Fitness and Sports blog.


2 Responses to “She Finally Bowed Out”

  1. Buffoon said

    I thought the word was “suspend”…

  2. Ryan said

    Good point!

    Subtleties are something one always needs to pay attention to, especially when covering that family. I believe that’s what Romney did when he left the race, but SWMNBN is apt to take the whole thing literally and if Obama starts looking weak or has another “crazy uncle” reverend, she’ll revive the “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” line and live to fight that other day.

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