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Montgomery Co. Goes PC on Islam

Posted by Ryan on June 8, 2008

Word came out about a decision by the Montgomery County Public School Council, in Maryland, that they will support a textbook that “adjusts” the definition of jihad and shariah law in order to give a more positive view of Islam to their middle and high school students in order to “avoid inconvenient truths.” 

Take this pill, young ones, it’s only history class.  No need to think or understand…  Yay! Now everyone’s happy!

However, “jihad” is not only a personal, inward struggle, but also a call for the destruction of those who threaten Islam.  We do our students a huge disservice if we ostensibly lie to them by purposely omitting the whole, true, modern-day interpretations of jihad.  Our students will not fully be able to grasp why there are millions of people in this world who want to kill them for just being them.  I bet these same books do a number on Christians during the Crusades (if the Crusades are even mentioned!).

Plus my students throughout the years love a little controversy — it actually makes history worth learning to them and gets them thinking in more depth!  Yet “learning” and “thought” are apparently not going on anymore in Montgomery County.

One Response to “Montgomery Co. Goes PC on Islam”

  1. rightonoz said

    I agree totally with you.

    What these people forget when trying to teach Islam as a moderate religeon is that if you look at history, Islam has become more radical over the centuries. Many Islamic scholars even acknowledge this.

    If you look back to the time when the Moors ruled Spain and Sicily, it was a time of great moderation with local customs accepted and encouraged. Islam during that time was a very tolerant religeon. The leading clerics were well educated for their time and that showed in their rulings.

    Unfortunately in Islam, there is a process similar to our Westminster legal system of Precedence, that is current interpretation of law is based on previous interpretation with more recent rulings taking precendece over older. In Islam more recent Fatwa’s take precendence over older, and while the older rulings were much more tolerant, in recent centuries, with the rise to power of less educated and more radical clerics, the religeon has become radicalised and much less tolerant. This needs to be acknowledged and not swept under the rug in an ever more PC approach to Islam. Not saying all of Isalm is thus, however it is an increasing reality.

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