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McCain Gaffe on Iraq? — You Decide

Posted by Ryan on June 11, 2008

John “F’in” Kerry and the Obama campaign are pouncing on John McCain’s statement this morning on the Today Show, calling McCain “out of touch” and “confused” with his own stated opinions.  The above video clip shows you what McCain really said, and this link shows how the Dems reacted to it.

Make up your own mind, but in my mind this is on par with the “100 years” comment that is still occasionally being taken out of context by the Left.  It’s ridiculous and it won’t work against candidate McCain.  However, McCain himself sometimes backs into these moments that can be taken out of context, but to his credit his campaign fought back immediately. 

One Response to “McCain Gaffe on Iraq? — You Decide”

  1. Mike said

    This was no gaffe. The very Democrats who claim that Reverend Wright was taken out of context (without explaining in which context “God damn America” and the idea that the government intentionally infected black people with AIDS could possibly sound non-offensive) are now taking McCain out of context completely.

    Immediately after mentioning the timing as not important, McCain stated that it is casualties that are important. I think its a good sign that the only way they can nail McCain is to completely misrepresent what he says.

    It’s really sad to see that, 37 years after slandering Vietnam vets more honorable than he, John Kerry is back to his old habits. Thank God that lying schmuck never became President, though he probably still delivers State of the Union speeches in front of his bathroom mirror.

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