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Obama: “Did I Mention He’s Black?”

Posted by Ryan on June 22, 2008

The Obama campaign is preemptively trying to use the race issue to associate those Republicans who think he’s too inexperienced to become President with those who would use his “funny name” and his color against him. 

Politics as usual from “Mr. Hope and Change” once again. Remember this one:

H/T Hot Air.


3 Responses to “Obama: “Did I Mention He’s Black?””

  1. Wickle said

    This is only the beginning. The idiots on the Right who have been chanting the name “Hussein” as if it should matter in the campaign are going to hurt the GOP tremendously. This was entirely foreseeable, and to a HUGE extent, the Right has played right into Obama’s hands. Going for the cheap scare tactic and ad hominem has opened up a vulnerability on a charge of racism.

    Yes, Obama’s going to capitalize on it. If you want to beat him, you’re going to have to be smarter than this. Don’t even try to play race as an issue, or get into his personal life. Stick to experience and issues. Don’t give him the opening to come back and say there’s anything else behind it.

    Even if McCain tries to hold the high road, though, he’s going to be hurt badly by a lot of the commentators on his side.

  2. Mike said

    I agree with Wickle, but this is exactly what Obama would have done anyway. Any candidate as liberal as he needs to avoid discussing issues in order to win. Bill Clinton was very successful with this strategy and his wife, She Who Must Not Be Named also tried it. The tactic is to bring up something, even if it is a negative for the candidate, that distracts from the issues that are a greater negative for the candidate. In the case of our former President, the distractor was scandal. In Obama’s case, the race card.

  3. wickle said

    I think that you might be right, although he really hasn’t played up the race issue until now — he’s more or less let it play itself (“historic campaign” and all that).

    He would have looked pretty foolish coming out and saying that people were going to try to smear him for his race, though, if he couldn’t put forward some kind of proof (the Texas GOP buttons come to mind). Who knows? Maybe the MSM would even have noticed.

    Obama is smarter than Sharpton or Jackson, and I don’t think that he would have gone straight to race without something to back it up. Ah, well …

    As every candidate seeks to avoid discussing issues, it should be an interesting campaign season.

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