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InBev to Buy Anheuser-Busch

Posted by Ryan on July 14, 2008

The Belgian brewing company InBev is going to buy Anheuser-Busch for $52 million.  While many details are still being negotiated, the deal will probably become reality.  If that is the case then, in my opinion there are two different ways of looking at this:

1.  This is a dark day for America.  As the Belgians buy-out the largest beer producer in America, America is a weaker, sadder place… we can’t even brew and market our own storied/historic beer without help from those pesky Europeans!  Selling our souls for $52 billion?  Anheuser-Busch is a company which even survived Prohibition the honest way!  I guess there is a price one could set for selling out to the Man — a Belgian man in this case. 

2.  Woo hoo!  To this beer snob, Bud sucks (always has) and Belgian beers are world-renowned for their flavor and potency.  So, even though under the new management Bud will still suck, in the eyes of the world we’ll get a little more international “street cred” when soliciting our crappy beer to others.  InBev brews Stella Artois and Becks (meh) and Anheuser-Busch owns 50% of Corona.  Ultimately, this could signal a marked improvement to the average beer Joe Sixpack consumes.  Though this in no way will affect my own drinking habits, I believe this “sell-out” is an upgrade!

Reuters photo.

3 Responses to “InBev to Buy Anheuser-Busch”

  1. Mike Licht said

    The Belgians are coming! The Belgians are coming! Hide the Clydesdales!

  2. Chris said

    I agree about the possibility of an upgrade to the Budweiser name. As a self proclaimed beer snob (who still has an affinity to Coors Light and Corona every now and then), maybe InBev can inject whatever it does into Stella Artois to improve Bud. For me, it’s still Sam and Guinness all the way buyout or no buyout.

  3. Ryan said

    Hmm…Sam and Guinness…

    How about both!

    I think I’ll just have to whet my whistle watching the homerun derby then!

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