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Obama Rewrites Iraq and Gets Stuck

Posted by Ryan on July 15, 2008

On the same day that Barack Obama wants to rewrite his Iraq War position while continuing to insist that his position has never fundamentally changed, the McCain campaign seized on the recurrent flip-flop issue by noticing Obama’s changing website, which has suddenly brightened up the picture in Iraq

Well, updating one’s website is normal, but updating the basic premise of an issue that garnered countless thousands of kook-fringe voters in the primaries is another thing altogether!  Obama is both insulting the rubes that voted for him, while giving McCain an opening to legitimately harp on the flip-flop motif of which the Republicans have been trying to tag Obama this last month to great effect: abortion, faith-based initiatives, Iraq itself, gun rights, etc. are all part of the evidence!

Furthermore, Obama’s people are making a really dumb political move by allowing this speech without protest.  Insisting that he give an Iraq/Afghanistan speech before he visits the region traps him in a very high-profile political way, making his trip just a lens to justify his preconceptions, not the other way around which would give more political cover to take the exact same positions he lays out today but with more legitimacy.  It’s a ridiculous move and McCain’s already hitting him on it!  Even Christopher Hitchens, a super duper uber leftist, believes that Obama’s “zero-sum” attitude towards the two theaters is unfounded and small-minded. 

CNN photo from Fact Check.

2 Responses to “Obama Rewrites Iraq and Gets Stuck”

  1. scottymck said

    The people who really need to hear these things are closing their eyes, putting fingers in their ears and shouting “La,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la.”

    The vast majority of Obama supporters that I have spoken to are not informed on the issues, don’t care about them and wouldn’t vote for him if they did. They do think he appears very Presidential and is a good speaker. “These are the qualities of a good leader,” they say.

    While communication is indeed, a prerequisite to effective leadership (a quality Bush seems to be lacking), holding true to one’s beliefs and not wavering from them is the quality most important in leadership. Unfortunately, Obama can’t sit still long enough on an issue for us to know what his true beliefs are.

  2. Chris said

    I guess I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t think Obama is a good speaker. In his speaking, he has awkward pauses and tries to have an authoritative sound to block out the upward inflection with which he tends to end sentences (think Jillian from The Family Guy…and I think his level of intelligence based on his Marxist theory rivals her’s).

    I do agree with you, Scottymck, in that his supporters are closing their ears and eyes to realism and are being enticed by the false profecies of hope and change. On your comments on Bush, he has the potential to be an effective communicator when he is on message and using the bully pulpit of the president (aka “Going Public”), but unfortunately, he doesn’t always do this and it goes with how he views himself: as opposed to Reagan who viewed himself as the leader of a movement, Bush views himself as just a man who will be going home to Crawford on January 20, 2009. This has been the basis of many of his problems during the second term.

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