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Elisabeth and Whoopi Discuss the “N-word”

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2008

On an episode of this week’s “The View” the ladies were discussing Jesse Jackson’s hypocritical use of the “n-word” in the same interview where Jackson voiced his desire to castrate Barack Obama.  For some reason Fox News didn’t release the part of the film in question to the public, but it leaked anyway. 

Either way, this exchange broke out between the ladies, mostly Whoopi and Sherri versus Elisabeth, about the use of the “n-word.”  As usual, they seemed to gang up on Elisabeth, although I believe she has the moral high-ground in this argument: 

In my opinion, either it’s a good word or a bad word, but playing the “it’s our word” game is not only a complete violation of the First Amendment if use of the word leads to legal repercussions (which it does in certain circumstances, sometimes even when the word itself is not even used!), but it’s simply not playing fair.  Also, adding an “a” or an “er” to the end of the word should make no difference if in principle it’s a bad word either. 

Yet, it does make a difference, at least to my students, their music, and some in the media.  Should it, though?  Elisabeth says no, and based on principle I’m in solidarity with her on this one.  I wonder what Jesse Jackson would have to say about all this?

2 Responses to “Elisabeth and Whoopi Discuss the “N-word””

  1. Chris said

    I’m with Elisabeth on this one! As an Italian-American, I don’t go around calling fellow Italian-Americans ethnic slurs that my ancestors were called when they came to the US.

    The Rev is a hypocrite on this one and I guess he didn’t get the memo that the N-word was buried.

    If I were Elisabeth, I’d have a hard time keeping my sanity.

  2. nadapottymouth said

    If Shepherd and Whoopie want leverage, they need a new job…The View isn’t to give a hatred feeling to all of America…The N word is a non acceptable word, period. Barbara Walters and ABC need to feel the pain of low ratings for “The View”.
    In my opinion Mr.Obama and his former black church hate only encouraged the Whoopie’s and Shepherds of our country. The clients were probably many for the former Criminal Attorney while attending that church. Hate breeds Hate which breeds Crime. Illinois would be a better place if the Black church would talk of Jesus alone. The White church does.:0)

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