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Is Bush Batman?

Posted by Ryan on July 28, 2008

Apparently, a number of op-ed articles have hit the Internet regarding Christopher Nolan’s new film, the box-office shattering The Dark Knight, and how Batman allegorically plays the role of George W. Bush (some say Batman is Dick Cheney or a generic conservative hero)! 

A friend tipped me off to this concept last night and I looked around the Internet finding that this notion has been proliferating, even to the WSJ Online!  It makes a lot of sense to see The Dark Knight as an allegory of the War on Terror and about Batman as the man who few people like as the one who has to make the hard choice to blur the lines in order to achieve victory — aka GWB to some. 

Leftist blogs are wicked upset that a movie with such a black-and-white treatment of morality like this one can make $300 million in just ten days while their beloved anti-war flicks quickly sputter and die quick deaths!  In The Dark Knight, terrorists (The Joker’s crew) are the remorseless fiends who fight for no discernible reason beyond the joy of it, and the good people have very tough choice to make on how to defeat them.  It mirrors reality.

Given the box office success of this film, perhaps the American people still yearn for a no nonsense ass-kicker rather than an international ass-kisser in their leaders.  This bodes well for McCain down the stretch, with less than 100 left until my birthday, which happens to be Election Day this year.  But will people make this connection and understand its implications?  Will the baggage of the last eight years show up on Election Day and turn American into an Obama Nation?  Who knows?   If the allegory holds however, then it’s the Republicans and Bush who must take the hit for having made hard, sometimes unpopular, choices which have nonetheless made all of us safer.

Pic from Rick Rockwell.

3 Responses to “Is Bush Batman?”

  1. That’s funny. I actually thought about how it could be spun that way as I sat through the movie. And I don’t think “leftist blogs” are upset about anything because it was a good movie.

  2. wickle said

    I haven’t seen the movie, but it’s probably a bunch of nothing …

    There have always been people getting into a mess about some movie supposedly portraying someone.

    I was especially fond of one friend of mine getting upset about the “Stargate SG-1” episode “Inauguration Day,” in which Pres. Hayes looks like George W. Bush and looks a bit clueless. Of course, if you know the later appearance of Pres. Hayes, such as when he stares down Anubis while the US has no real way of fighting the Goa’uld fleet, then you’d have to say that he comes out alright.

    For my own part, I think that they wanted us to be faked out by the character,

    The Batman story has always been about this very kind of thing, moral certainty and blurring lines. I try not to assume that movies have political motives unless it’s either really clear or the moviemaker says so.

  3. Tadd said

    Bush = Anikin SkyWalker from Star Wars 3

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