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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer Released

Posted by Ryan on July 31, 2008

Released yesterday, it’s only the teaser trailer, but it looks really good.  I like the darkening tone and somber mood, plus the actor playing the young Tom Riddle seems like a really good fit (I believe it is actually Ralph Fiennes’ nephew).

The HBP is one of my favorite books in the series (I like Four and Seven as well, though all seven play a necessary part of the story and are all entertaining).  I’m hoping this film will be better than the last one.  I wasn’t too much of a fan of the OOTP movie because they edited so much that as one who’s read the book, I had trouble seeing things connect properly — it was very disjointed and missed some important points they’ll have to explain later.  Hopefully they’ll make this one better, more focused.

3 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer Released”

  1. wickle said

    Oh, the many things left out … the whole SPEW storyline, for example.

    One of the most glaring omissions is never identifying Padfoot, Wormtail, Moony, and Prongs. Sure, they started calling Pettigrew “Wormtail,” and did call Sirius “Padfoot,” but in my household we think it’s nearly unforgivable that Moony and Prongs aren’t identified … especially given that Harry should be absolutely adoring and fawning over the Map since it was his father’s.

    Ahem … anyway …

    The casting does look really good. The movies have had brilliant casting right along, for virtually every role (Michael Gambon, of course, being a glaring exception).

    Oh, well … We tend to view the movies more as an overview of the books than anything else.

  2. Ryan said

    I completely agree with the Padfoot, Wormtail, Moony and Prongs issue. In the movie for Azkaban, Harry’s strong patronus at the end looked like Prongs and Harry even thought he saw his Dad. Having seen the movie before reading the book it was a little weird but I got it. But having read the book I was upset that they couldn’t have taken a minute to explain that! It would have made a richer movie. I also had a problem in the Goblet movie when they didn’t really explain why their wands got stuck — I thought that detail was important.

    However, my biggest issue of any of the Harry Potter movies by far was the choice to edit out the scene at the end of Phoenix when Harry yells at Dumbledore; it was powerful, cathartic, made their relationship more complicated and focused the story towards the final story arch. It was squeezed into a one-minute flashback. For shame!

    I think the biggest issue we both may have is that an extra minute here and an extra detail there and the films could be improved and more faithful to the source.

  3. wickle said

    Well, I’m impressed. The only two people who saw the movie before reading the book with whom I discussed it didn’t get the “Prongs” thing or how Lupin knew how to use the map. I’d read the book first, and was ticked off. Ah, well … Maybe it’s not as bad as I thought, if people were able to get it (or, maybe, you’re just a genius … take your pick).

    Anyway … The closing scenes have been horrid, you’re right. Michael Gambon muttering “Priori incantatum” without defining what it meant or why the wands linked was pathetic. As for the scene at the end of “Order,” I figure they didn’t include it because Gambon would have blown it, anyway.

    Have you noticed that I have no use for Michael Gambon? He’s the only bad casting decision in the whole series.

    But you’re right about the biggest issue … I think the movies are good, and they’re kind of fun. They stop short of greatness because of just a few things lacking.

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