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20 Years of Rush Limbaugh

Posted by Sal on August 1, 2008

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh


Today is the 20th anniversary of the nationally-syndicated Rush Limbaugh Program.  In the history of the Conservative movement, there are only a handful of people who can be truly described as having the scope and influence to shape and define conservatism.  Rush Limbaugh is one of those people.  Along with William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh has influenced the direction of politics in this country in ways that few others can lay claim to.  Rush helped to bring the conservatism defined in the pages of National Review and the leadership of Ronald Reagan to the masses through his daily, 3 hour Radio show.  His good-natured humor, satire, ability to make fun of liberals by using their own words against them, along with his crystal-clear logic and ability to synthesize core conservative principles and apply them to the news and issues of the day, while at the same time entertaining the 20-million+ listeners who tune into his show in any given week.


Rush also revolutionized the radio industry.  Before him, political talk did not have much of a place, AM radio was on its way out, and nationally-syndicated shows were used as fillers.  Rush is credited with  saving talk radio, and defining the “Issues Talk” radio format.  He also became the first break from the main-stream liberal media’s monopoly, paving the way for Drudge, Fox News, and a whole generation of conservative commentators such as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and others. 

I remember my first time listening to Rush. 

I was in middle school, probably around 1991, and had some teacher spewing nonsense about how we were going to destroy the planet by the ever-growing hole in the ozone layer (funny how you really don’t hear much about the ozone layer anymore.)  I repeated the nonsense to my parents, who proceeded to laugh at me.  Flustered, I kept insisting that we were going to destroy the planet.  The next day, when my father picked me up from school, he put on Rush’s show for me to listen to.  Since then, I have learned a lot from Rush about conservative principles, but his show helped me to think and develop many of my own beliefs and principles on my own.  His show opened my eyes to the biases that existed in the world, and to the foolishness and utter intellectual bankruptcy of liberalism.  I can honestly say that his show gave me an education that helped to form my own grasp of Conservatism. 

Happy 20 years Rush.  Here’s hoping for many, many more years of Excellence in Broadcasting, until everyone agrees with you! 

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House Republicans Want a Vote!

Posted by Ryan on August 1, 2008

After the Dems decided to start a five-week vacation, about 40 or so House Republicans, led by Mike Pence, stayed in the House chamber after the Dems adjourned to make a point about the Republican’s determination to get a drilling bill up for a vote.  On her way out San Fran Nan had the lights turned off, the microphones turned off, and the C-SPAN cameras to be turned off as well.  Classy broad, that Pelosi! 

The House Republicans sent a letter to President Bush to call the Congress back into session until a vote is taken.  President Bush was busy around 12:10pm this afternoon calling in to the Rush Limbaugh Show, congratulating Maha Rushie on 20 years of broadcast excellence.  Bush 41 and Jeb also got on the line.

The House Republicans are showing leadership, demonstrating good politics, all while looking like the victim of Pelosi’s hard-handed tactics which are getting in the way of the people’s business.  I hope they can keep this up until Election Day; this is good stuff!

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Obama and This Week’s Race Issue

Posted by Ryan on August 1, 2008

We knew this would happen sooner or later:  Barack Obama said the following at at least two different campaign stops Wednesday:

“So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky. That’s essentially the argument they’re making.”

Whether this was innocent or not, it reeks of racial politics.  What could he have possibly meant by that?  How could that bold statement have been taken any other way than to infer that McCain’s campaign is going to use race as an issue in this campaign? 

Of course, Obama commits this inappropriate racial remark and all that anyone can talk about is the Britney/Paris ad that the McCain camp released the other day! (Well, if the MSM and Obama people can’t get over the ad, then maybe it’s working the way it’s supposed to — notice most critiques are about how petty it is, not that it’s wrong on the issues.)  But already we know who the MSM is voting for.  I don’t like the ad, but the Obama-as-Diva theme definitely should have been brought up by surrogates at some point.

However, all is not perfect in Obamaland.  Even some African Americans are getting a little impatient with Obama, as a small protest in Florida got reported today.  Obama isn’t used to dissent at his functions and handled it so-so.  I completely disagree with people shouting and disrupting Q&A sessions for anyone involved in politics (it’s reminiscent of Fascist Black Shirt tactics of silencing opponents through fear, intimidation and — as it turns out — shouting them down at rallies so the opposition candidates could not speak). 

It hasn’t been such a great week for Obama: Sunday he was up by 9 points in the Gallup Poll, six days later it’s tied at 44%!

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