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The Gang of 10 is Killing the Energy Issue

Posted by Ryan on August 8, 2008

Finally, an issue where the Republicans can actually wipe the floor with the Dems in the Fall: ENERGY. 

We see McCain opening his eyes to new possibilities of drilling, House Republicans sticking around on vacation trying to put political pressure for Congress to come back, Obama constantly having to retool and modify his positions making him look ridiculous, and the polls reflecting that the Republicans are on the right side of this.  It’s WIN-WIN, right?

Never underestimate the Republican’s capacity for self-destruction!

Last Friday, a new “Gang of 10” emerged on the scene with a compromise proposal on an energy bill.  This “gang” includes five Republicans, led by Lindsey Graham (ugh). 

Their purpose: to “compromise” with Dems which would have the ultimate effect of ending the energy debate until November!  How ridiculous can they be — especially when the compromise is full-fledged capitulation to the Dems’ demands!

This flies in the face of the McCain campaign’s strategies, undercuts the House Republican’s efforts, gives Obama thrills, and mutes the best issue Republicans have in this campaign.  I’d have a different attitude if this compromise was worth it, but it’s not.  It sucks.

AP photo from the LA Times.


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