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UN Takes on Russian Invasion

Posted by Ryan on August 11, 2008

…And I’m sure Putin is reeeally shuddering!  Of course, it’s only a matter for the UN because Georgia’s Black Sea oil supply-line and port is being targeted, otherwise they’d wait for a few more Russian-on-Georgian calamities, like a decade of famine or ethnic cleansing policies, to take place. Either way, Russia’s Security Council veto will be exercised until Russia’s goals are obtained.  Gotta love the UN!

After an attack coinciding with the Olympic Games, Russia decided not to stop with simply coming to the aid of ethnic Russians in the separatist South Ossetia region (North Ossetia is actually in Russia).  They’ve made airstrikes and incursions into central Georgia Proper — way beyond the mere defense of Russians in South Ossetia.   Possibly one to two thousand people have already died; add all civilians and soldiers and that number should rise once the dust settles.  Plus, the EU tried an unsuccessful ceasefire agreement, 170 American nationals have been taken out of Georgia, and now the majestic UN is involved.

We can learn a few things about this whole incident:  it’s obvious that Putin still controls Russia, the UN cares more about oil pipelines than people, and the old Cold War fear of Russian expansionism is not fully over.

EPA service photo.

3 Responses to “UN Takes on Russian Invasion”

  1. wickle said

    You’ve also got to give Sen. McCain some credit, here. After Pres. Bush said that he saw Putin’s soul by looking into his eyes, McCain remarked that he saw KGB in Putin’s eyes.

  2. Mike said

    McCain was right when he made that comment, including the part of the comment that supported placing a missile defense system in Eastern Europe whether Putin liked it or not. I’m also impressed with McCain’s reaction to this invasion. It was more Presidential than the President’s.

  3. Ryan said

    I completely agree. Obama was all about talking and telling the two sides to stop (as if Georgia is just as guilty). It was pretty weak. The US should immediately fast-track Ukraine into NATO and, like Mike infers, deploy the missile shield in the Czech Republic or even further East. On top of that, if world oil supply is threatened/disrupted by Russia’s oil-blackmail, then we should open up new drilling ASAP and threaten new oil deals with Europe just to keep Russia on notice.

    This was obviously a pre-meditated invasion designed to supplant the current democratic government with a Russia puppet, Cold War-style.

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