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A Pro-Choice Republican Veep

Posted by Ryan on August 14, 2008

Well, John McCain said he was open to the prospect today, as rumors still fly that he is closer to picking Joe Lieberman as his Veep in the coming weeks.

Veeps don’t really make all the difference in the voting booth.  My choice is fundamentally between voting against McCain or Obama — I didn’t vote for Bush because of Cheney, nor did I vote for Dole because of Kemp.  But, the Veep says a lot about the candidate himself, his relationship with the party, and his deeper views.  In essence it is the first true consequential decision a President will make — it says a lot about him.

McCain has staked his chances on getting moderates and some disaffected Dems to vote for him, but a pro-choice or even an Independent-Democrat Veep is going a bit too far: he’ll lure the Center, but sacrifice the Right.  A lot of Republicans stayed home in 2006.

I can’t vote for Bob Barr (his checkered ethics in the past, plus the Libertarian Party plank is very liberal on social issues) nor can I stay home.  I have to vote against Obama… and I have to repeat that to myself everytime I watch the six o’clock news.


One Response to “A Pro-Choice Republican Veep”

  1. Chris said

    It’s a total Catch 22…we know the way he thinks of Conservatives and frankly, it’s upsetting. I guess we’ll all have to grit our teeth, close our eyes and pull the lever for McCain because there is no other alternative. At least we can fight him tooth and nail when he’s president.

    If he does choose one of the “Dangerous 4,” (Lieberman, Huckabee, Ridge, Crist), there WILL be an uprising at the convention and it will be covered more greatly than the chaos that WILL follow the Clintons . McCain in his act of sticking it to Conservatives doesn’t get that he’s hurting himself.

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