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Sweet “Sixteen”?

Posted by Ryan on August 14, 2008

I’ve been watching some of the Olympic coverage on part of Obama’s media network, NBC.  All the human interest stories make me puke so I tend to flip around between “Family Guy” reruns and “Hannity and Colmes” before finally settling on the Olympics, which had the US Women’s Gymnastics team going up against China and Russia the other night.  So I watched.

Now, we have some young-looking girls on our team (Shawn Johnson, for example, looks about 12, but is really 16).  So I heard with interest that one has to be at least 16 during the year the Olympics take place in order to compete.  OK, teaching 16 year olds, I know some look very young, but when the Chinese girls got up there I was absolutely shocked that they weren’t all 13. 

Well, some of them might be!

One girl was actually listed as 13 last year.  Suddenly, when pressed, her new birthday is January 1, 1992, making her 16 years old this year!  I didn’t know China was such an amazing place that time had special rules!  In reality, our team should have performed better (obviously having more experience than some of their opponents).  But, it is a legitimate gripe — if China cheated, they should face the consequences.

AP photo.

2 Responses to “Sweet “Sixteen”?”

  1. Chris said

    I watched this the other night and, frankly, the American women’s team had the screws put to them. Bela Karolyi was the first to mention the age issue to Bob Costas, and if the Chinese women are underage, their gold metals should be stripped.

    Beside this possible scandal, there was more. The Chinese women had done less than stellar on the beam and there was the chance the Americans could overtake them. When Alicia Sacramone was up, they called her name and as has been the case, you go right into your routine. However, the officials running the event waited another 5 minutes before giving her the OK to begin. That 5 minutes to an Olympic Gymnast could feel like an eternity and could possibly have some ramifications on the performance. It did in Sacramone’s case as she fell off the beam in attempting a farily difficult mount. That incident did a psychological number on all the US Women as their Floor Exercises were less than stellar and as a result, the Chinese won gold.

    Just another example to what happens when a Communist country is given the great opportunity to host the Olympics.

  2. Chris said

    One more addition to my previous comment…Alicia Sacramone, while greatly crushed and visibly shaken, handled herself with class and dignity in light of this, as did the rest of the team!

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