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Movie Review: Star Wars — The Clone Wars

Posted by Ryan on August 16, 2008

George Lucas obviously wants to make more money and milk the Star Wars universe a little bit more with the release of the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie.  I make that statement for two reasons: it’s a good movie with a “Star Wars” attached to it, thus the money will flow; and the film’s concept takes us back to a period already handled with an animated series, bookended between Episodes II and III which also deals with these events in a reasonable way.  (How about a movie or something about the period between the Clone Wars and Episdoe IV?  I’m sure that’s on the horizon once the Clone Wars has been exhausted.)

All that aside, I think the film was pretty good.  It’s purpose is to launch a new animated series on the Clone Wars’ theme.   The action was top-notch,  the animation was smooth and cool, and though targeted towards a younger audience, I enjoyed the character interactions.  Plus any movie with Samuel L. Jackson borrowing his voice to be a bad-ass Jedi has to have some quality (Now, I want you to go in that bag and find my [light saber]. Which one is it?  The one that says bad motha f*****).

I did not like the narrator replacing the opening crawl — it didn’t seem truly Star Wars-ish at first.  I also was not impressed with the concept of a padawan for Anakin.  “Ahsoka” reminded me of an overbearing and cocky Millennial most of the time.  Plus, there were a few other plot inconsistencies involving her, Ventress and Count Dooku.  That being said, kids will love this film, and hardcore Star Wars fans who have gotten over the prequel concept should at least enjoy the fighting.  B- in my book.

2 Responses to “Movie Review: Star Wars — The Clone Wars”

  1. I enjoyed the film a lot, and I know a lot of people say Lucas is doing this for money, but I really think he’s sincere when he says there are more stories to tell in the Star Wars Universe (and there always will be).

    There is the new and highly anticipated video game that’s coming up called “The Force Unleashed” which takes place between Episode III and Episode IV. You play as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. My brother has the demo for it on PS3 and it looks really amazing. I haven’t played video games in a while, but I will definitely get my hands on this one since the story looks interesting too. I’m sure they’ll turn it into a cartoon series some day.

    I’ve been reading “The Clone Wars” cartoons published by Dark Horse Comics and Lucas Books, and I find the stories to be very entertaining. It would be really awesome to see them leap onto the big screen in computer-animation (since Lucas says there will be no more live action films).

  2. sorry, I meant: “I’ve been reading ‘The Clone Wars’ COMIC BOOKS…” not “cartoons” lol.

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