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She Who WILL NOT Be Named

Posted by Ryan on August 22, 2008

Drudge was calling it “The Big Diss” others are calling it a major “stiff” but the realization that not only will She Who Must Not Be Named NOT be on the Democrat ticket, but apparently the Obama people did not even entertain the idea by even vetting her must be very frustrating!  We’re still waiting for The One’s real pick later today. 

But what an insult!  I hope SWMNBN or her husband hold nothing back at the Convention next week.  She owes nothing to Obama, but certainly owes the nearly 18 million frustrated Democrat voters. 

AP photo.

One Response to “She Who WILL NOT Be Named”

  1. Chris said

    I’ve got my popcorn now, so I’m all set for next week…and as as a result of the breaking news this is going to be one fun convention…and election!

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