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Biden on Obama: In His Own Words

Posted by Ryan on August 23, 2008

The McCain campaign has an honest to goodness War Room up and running, of which I am very impressed.  Here’s an ad released by the McCain campaign as it was becoming evident that Joe Biden would be Obama’s running mate.  It’s Joe Biden on Barack Obama:

Those pesky debates are certainly going to haunt Obama time and again.  Now it’s up to McCain to pick a good Veep candidate.  Aside from the obvious potential Romney pick many are speaking about, some are thinking that McCain picking a conservative woman would be perfect to not just appease conservatives but gather a big piece of the female vote, which is so critical for any Democrat to carry if they want to win.  Romney has attacked McCain before (on the economy) and ads similar to the one above will undoubtedly be run during the Republican National Convention against the Republian ticket.

Just throwing it out there but Kay Bailey Hutchinson has a 91% American Conservative Union voting record, and a 90% rating from Americans for Tax Reform.  She’s articulate, an experienced and popular third-term Senator, and a Southerner.  Her problem is immigration reform, but then again, that’s one of McCain’s problems too.

3 Responses to “Biden on Obama: In His Own Words”

  1. Mike said

    Couldn’t Obama find anyone who thinks he’s ready for the job?

    McCain should pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Hutchison is pro-choice.

  2. Ryan said

    Palin is a great choice if going the female route. Though not as well-known, she comes with less baggage than most.

    I think average people will really be paying attention to McCain’s Veep pick because of the whole age stereotype. If they have fears that if elected some health issue may incapacitate McCain, they’ll feel a lot better if they trust or like the Veep.

  3. Chris said

    I also think Palin would be a great candidate for Veep for the following reasons:

    1) Her conservative background (pro-life, card carrying member of the NRA)
    2) The fact that she is from Alaska gives her the creds to push the energy issue and ANWR
    3) She can probably hold her own in a debate against Joe Biden and make him look like a horse’s ass when he opens up his mouth and says something stupid or does something combative.

    The most logical choice however, is Romney (that would be a fun debate to watch when he goes against Biden), but Palin is a considerable Dark Horse.

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