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Democrat National Convention: She Who Must Not Be Named Tells The Country What She Thinks Of Barack Obama

Posted by Mike on August 26, 2008

For the second day in a row, the Democrat Party missed a golden opportunity in their quest to trick the American people into electing Barack Obama to the Presidency.

Tonight’s main event featured an address from the woman Obama defeated in the primaries, She Who Must Not Be Named and she did Obama no favors. Sure, she paid lip service to supporting Obama’s candidacy, played nice with Michelle and defended her Marxist views. Other than that, the speech was simply unremarkable. Even her criticisms of John McCain were mild, boilerplate, and lacked specificity.

As shrill as ever, what SWMNBN succeeded in doing tonight was to remind Democrats why about half of them preferred her to Obama and to remind normal Americans why they can’t stand her. I have to admit though, I laughed out loud when she mentioned that she was a proud mother, Senator, American, and Obama supporter, but didn’t quite have the time to say how she was a proud wife. Heh.

In terms of scheduling, the Dems shot themselves in the foot when they yanked Mark Warner’s keynote address out of prime time. With little more than one hour of network coverage per night, it is essential that each party squeeze the most out of every minute. Booting the keynoter off the stage is hardly an effective strategy.

As a Republican, I’m happy to see that the Democrats have flushed two days of their convention right down the toilet.

For other conservative reactions, check out Hot Air, drunk-blogging at Pajama’s Media, and Right Wing News.

Reuters photo.

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