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The Obamapolis

Posted by Ryan on August 28, 2008

Obama and his people are so obnoxious!  Even though the Temple of Obama was planned months ago, before it was evident that the Euro trip was going to backfire, it was designed by Britney Spears’ stage manager, and plays into the whole “The One”-messianic tone of Obama’s obtuse political delusions of himself.  They had time to reevaluate, which some Dems believe they should have, but we’ll see if this will come off as over the top.

NY Post  photo.

2 Responses to “The Obamapolis”

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. Obama’s arrogance will be his downfall.

  2. Chris said


    After watching this charade, I’ve come to the conclusion that haven’t seen that many zombies since Night of the Living Dead. His speech was reminiscent of Algore from 2000, but the most disturbing thing was that the 85,000 Americans at Invesco were entranced by soaring rhetoric and empty promises.

    Many libs I know criticize Reagan, claming all he could do was give a speech. The difference between the greatest president of the 20th century and this fraud is that Reagan not only gave concrete proposals but followed through on them. I hope that Americans will wake up and realize that The One is nothing more than an empty suit and that McCain will continue to hit some out of the park, continuing the great month he’s had. Friday noon at Dayton will let many of us Conservatives know which way he is going to take his campaign and we will further be able to gauge his chances against The One.

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