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Democrats Stumble Out of the Gate on Sarah Palin

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008

Now this Operation Chaos. Totally blindslided by McCain’s spectacular running mate, the Democrats’ initial responses to the selection are as hilarious as they are pathetic. Obama’s campaign has already fallen into McCain’s trap by criticizing inexperience at the bottom of McCain’s ticket and Ken Salazar is apoplectic because she isn’t famous enough.

The left’s initial reaction to Sarah Palin is almost as exciting as the selection itself. Thanks liberals!

UPDATE: All morning I’ve been calling Palin’s nomination a trap. I like the way The Anchoress, puts it:

The Democrats have to be careful, now, and so does the press. Much of what they’d like to say about Palin – about age, experience, identity politics, etc – will only open the door to similar inquiry about Obama. And the bottom line to those sorts of debates will always be this: Palin is at the bottom of the ticket; Obama is at the top.

3 Responses to “Democrats Stumble Out of the Gate on Sarah Palin”

  1. Chris said

    I’m looking forward to seeing Biden put his foot in his mouth soon in attempting to attack her. A good start by the angry Dems.

  2. Ryan said

    Oh sweet, sweet Sarah!

    I have never heard her speak before and was I impressed: articulate (with a great accent by the way), with a son in the military serving in Iraq, giving props to Geraldine Ferraro and She Who Must Not Be Named (great political move!), with a real Middle-America charm, who noted her accomplishments not how she’s a victim, who wore a skirt (no pant-suits), and could probably beat up Barack Obama all while still looking very feminine!

    As Rush Limbaugh said: “I could definitely watch her age in the White House.” She’s only 44.

    I was anxious about her until about two minutes into the speech in Dayton today. This was great politics and potentially good policy at the end of the day.

    I watched the speech on Fox and the Dems’ responses were coming in. All criticisms were about her inexperience (as Mike notes above), how O’Biden’s going to beat her up in the debate… in essense, knee-jerk, reactionary, and exposing their insecurities.

  3. Marc said

    Finally the Republican party gets some balls . . . figuratively speaking.

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