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McCain’s VP Pick To Be Announced Today (UPDATE: McCain Selects Sarah Palin)

Posted by Mike on August 29, 2008

The official announcement of John McCain’s running mate is expected in about three hours and current rumors are circulating around Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I hope this is true as she is one of three people who would excite and unite the Republican Party. I have a couple of quick thoughts on the potential selection.

Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for a number of reasons but three stand out in mind: (1) Palin is pro-life; (2) Palin is a woman; and (3) the selection is a trap. The pro-life issue is important because it shows a respect for human life and united the GOP. The fact that Palin is a woman helps McCain because women tend to vote for Democrats and those inclined to vote based on gender are people who would not normally support the GOP, it adds votes.

The genius behind this pick though is that its a trap. Palin is only a one-term Governor and I already hear the squawking that she’s too inexperienced. The response? “Experience might be an issue here. At least we had the good sense to put our ‘inexperienced’ candidate at the bottom of the ticket. Where will the candidate at the top of your ticket get his on the job training?”

I hope this rumor is true.

UPDATE: I hope this update is a misdirection.

UPDATE 2: McCain’s doing a great job of hyping this process the day after the Sermon at the Temple. I hope the Corner is on to something.

UPDATE 3: Is a CNBC confirmation worth anything?

UPDATE 4: The trap is set. Palin it is!

2 Responses to “McCain’s VP Pick To Be Announced Today (UPDATE: McCain Selects Sarah Palin)”

  1. Ryan said

    Many people have been calling/texting/chatting with me about the Palin choice.

    Most of the younger people were very concerned that McCain’s being stupid and this guarantees an Obama win. Most of the older people were very cool with it, thinking it was a great move. Some of those who are politically inclined were either pleased or very upset… thinking Romney, Pawlenty, or (like Mike and I) Kasich would have been a better pick.

    Based on resume, perhaps. But like football, all games are about how the line-ups and match-ups relate. In this year’s political atmosphere with the specific players that we have, I think Palin (I guess it’s pronounced PAY-lin): numbs the “experience” issue; can increase the case that Obama’s people misjudge and potentially mistreat women they have to run against; how else do you nullify the “nose-bloodying” Biden than with an articulate, strong-willed and smart woman; also she’s normal and human and not bad to look at. I think this was a very good pick.

    Not too many Mitt people want to hear that, but let the rope-a-dope begin!

  2. Mike said

    For the record, I was never skeptical. Palin was my second choice and it was a close call between the two. Chris will back me up on this.

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