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Obama Preaches to His Choir

Posted by Ryan on August 29, 2008

Last night, Barack Obama accepted his nomination for President and gave “The American Promise” speech.  No ceiling could tame this monster, but perhaps 85,000 mind-numbed rubes at the oddly phallic Invesco Field Obamapolis would suffice!

The speech was well delivered, but I’ve seen him better.  Its content was remarkably average for a “hope and change” candidate.  He wrecked on Ronald the Great and tried to write an epitaph for Conservatism.  He challenged McCain to a debate (though McCain challenged him to 10 in June), had the audacity to use the phrase “brother’s keeper” twice, and promised to end our pain and solve life’s problems for the masses.  By the way, it’s “never been about [Obama]….”  Right.

Typical liberal bilge and run-of-the-mill convention-style red meat, but two things really bothered me about the speech: 

Firstly, his mention of Martin Luther King Jr. and the 45th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech seemed muted and down right obligatory.  Obama was in a unique situation to evoke the power of the message Dr. King gave that day, without comparing himself to King while bringing home Obama’s place in history.  Yet, he blew it.  I’m not rooting for Obama, but that’s a powerful card he should have played respectfully.  Or perhaps he just couldn’t have pulled it off.

Secondly, the Obama Nation and the Obamapolis.  The tears were obnoxious.  In contrast, back in 2004 Bush evoked his conversation with a mother of a fallen soldier, tears welled up and should have — powerful mental images, powerful example in consequential times.  The Obama Nation are simply swept up in the power of the European-style personality cult which surrounds The One.  Nothing in the substance of the speech last night, under normal circumstances, should have created a deluge of tears like what we saw.  Plus, when the speech ended, the fireworks display, the intense music coupled with the cult-worship of the Empty Suit seriously reminded me of something out of Nuremberg in the 1930s. 

AP photo.

4 Responses to “Obama Preaches to His Choir”

  1. 4leslie said

    We all know Mr. Rove put the Nuremberg talking point out there, you’re a good soldier for parroting it. I mean, even Pat Buchanan thought Barack hit a grand slam last night.
    Barack has stated – emphatically, that it’s never been about him, it’s about us, time after time after time, yet you refuse to even consider that he might be sincere.
    I’ll be honest, I shed a few tears last night, as did my daughter and granddaughter. In fact, so many people I know are rooting for Obama to defy the corrupt voting system and win back the White House for America, that it really seems as though conservative bloggers such as yourself are the ones who are out of touch.

  2. Chris said

    I feel really sorry for you, 4leslie, and hope you come out of your trance. And 4leslie, he isn’t really that good of a speaker…he speaks without definity and ends most of his words with an upward inflection that makes him sound like Jillian on the Family Guy and makes people think he’s wishy-washy. I think you’re more out of touch as your agent of change seems to me more of the same: Rezko, Ayers, etc. If he becomes president, he just gave you a ton of broken promises. Some on my side have said that all Reagan can do is give a speech, but the big difference is that Reagan followed through on his promises.

  3. 4leslie said

    And I pray that Barack has the opportunity to follow through on his as well. I know with absolute certainty that I DON’T want McCain to be able to fulfill HIS promises.

  4. Chris said

    The charade of last night is definitely being eclipsed by the Sarah Palin pick. This hurts Obama’s campaign and I say good. Let’s see if the disaffected SWMNBN voters will back her…some may, but the drive-ys aren’t going to like her too much because she’s a conservative woman.

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