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Sarah Palin’s First Numbers

Posted by Ryan on August 30, 2008

Renowned pollster Scott Rasmussen has polled the immediate reaction of voters to Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

67% had NO idea who she was before Friday.

Yet, amongst all voters 53% have a positive rating of her (including 29% VERY favorable), while 26% do not like her at all.  In contrast, the better-known Biden’s initial numbers were only 43% positive.

The internals indicate what we’ve been hearing over the last 24 hours from the Right — this pick is going over very well amongst Republicans, and the initial impression Palin made is more positive than negative amongst the general voting public.  Phew!  Now she needs to keep it up.  People can change their minds really fast if she does not take care of her momentum or gets defined too early.

AP photo.

5 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s First Numbers”

  1. Mike said

    According to the poll, her unfavorable rating is 26%. The “very unfavorable” or those who “do not like her at all” is only 9 percent, not 26.

    Relax, it was a great pick.

  2. Chris said

    I am not worrying at all about this pick and instead, have gained confidence! She is the epitome of every successful woman that I know. Every single Republican (both male & female) I know that I have talked to in the course of the past 24 hours is very happy with the pick and even a few women I know that don’t necessarily vote Republican are taking a 2nd look at McCain.

    What will be interesting to see is how the liberal women try to slime her and it will show us that they don’t care about gender, they just care about liberalism…as in the case of Clarence Thomas.

    I am totally psyched about Sarah Palin being on the ticket!

  3. Looks like McCain torpedoed his own boat!!!

    Latest poll numbers:
    Palin ready for the VP spot?

    Yes 39% No 33% Unsure 29%

    Looks like that cigar blew up in the McCains face!

    NEW YORK The first national polls on John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin yesterday came out today from Rasmussen and Gallup — and contrary to what the GOP probably hoped, she scored less well with women than men.

    Here’s a finding from Gallup: Among Democratic women — including those who may be disappointed that Hillary Clinton did not win the Democratic nomination — 9% say Palin makes them more likely to support McCain, 15% less likely.

    From Rasmussen: Some 38% of men said they were more likely to vote for McCain now, but only 32% of women. By a narrow 41% to 35% margin, men said she was not ready to be president — but women soundly rejected her, 48% to 25%.

  4. Mike said

    So how do you like your first semester of PoliSci? A few quick lessons for you.

    1. The high number of undecideds (29%) indicates a lack of familiarity rather than disapproval. As the Rasmussen survey showed, more people approved of Palin (53%) than Biden (43%). In fact, Palin pulled a 26 percent favorable rating from Democrats.

    2. Republicans always poll better with men than women and Democrats always poll better among women than men.

    3. “More likely/less likely” poll questions are scientifically meaningless. Here’s how that question works: those already supporting a candidate anyway will say “more likely,” those already opposing a candidate say “less likely” with most saying “no difference.” Even if we incorrectly assume for the purpose of discussion that “more likely/less likely” is of any significance, your point still fails. From Rasmussen:

    “In the new survey, 35% of voters say the selection of Palin makes them more likely to vote for McCain while 33% say they are less likely to do so. Most Republicans say they are more likely to vote for Palin and most Democrats say the opposite. As for voters not affiliated with either major party, 37% are more likely to vote for McCain and 28% less likely to do so. Those numbers are a bit more positive than initial reaction to Biden.”

    If you’re open minded enough, I think you might enjoy some sort of electoral analysis course, but you’ll have time for that after your freshman year. Nice try on your comment though.

  5. Chris said

    I found this Zogby survey quite interesting…McCain/Palin: 47%, Obama/Biden: 45%. A dead heat after the Messiah came down from the heavens to bless the 85,000 brainwashed zombies…and the GOP hasn’t yet had their convention. Some very interesting numbers…what liberals like commenter #3 don’t fully grasp is that if they attempt to smear Sarah Palin, it will come back to bite them.

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