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Bristol Palin’s Having a Baby

Posted by Ryan on September 1, 2008

She’s 17 and has got a lot of growing up to do! 

Bristol Palin is having a baby and will do the right thing and shortly marry the father.  Sarah and Todd have indicated that the press should respect the historical privacy of the candidate’s children and stay out of this ordeal.  The One agrees.  The Palins have a positive attitude and will be supportive of their oldest daughter and her soon-to-be-husband… given Sarah Palin’s history with guns, this gives new meaning to the term “shotgun wedding.”

Elated Libs just don’t get it.  Some of the conspiracy theories and allegations on the blogosphere are terrible and I will not post a link to them out of respect and tact. 

To be frank just because Bristol is pregnant, doesn’t mean Conservatives will abandon her mom, nor does it mean Palin’s not Conservative, nor will Conservatives lose respect for her.  That Bristol is getting married, keeping the baby, and is still embraced by her parents are all things consistent with Conservative values.  Remember, the Family Values crowd also believes that we’re all sinners and need the guidance of Jesus’ teachings to help us through life’s tribulations.  This whole issue doesn’t exemplify model behavior, but given the situation, this shows the Palins are ready to face life’s challenges, while showing themselves to be good people dealt a difficult hand.

Reuters photo.

4 Responses to “Bristol Palin’s Having a Baby”

  1. wickle said

    I’ll be writing about this, too, but I think you’ve got a great post, here.

    Bristol made a poor decision. That doesn’t make her parents bad parents, hypocrites, or anything else.

    I have two brothers, each of whom lived with his girlfriend before getting married, and one of them had a baby two months after the wedding. I don’t rebuke them on an ongoing basis, and I don’t think that I’m any less committed to my abstinence-until-marriage commitment. We’re in the present.

    Bristol isn’t the first 17-year-old to be in this fix. Sadly, she’s going to be going through it under the tender care of a media spotlight and mobs of Palin-haters with no shame.

  2. Chris said

    It saddens me and upsets me that the leftists will use any means necessary to attempt to take someone down with whom they disagree.

    I have mentioned this before, but what we are seeing with rise of Sarah Palin is along the same lines we have seen with the rise of Clarence Thomas. He disagreed with the liberal line and they tried to smear him and take him out. We see the hypocrisy of feminism at play here as well. Hags like Sally Quinn and Marueen Dowd have already gotten started demeaning Sarah Palin because she disagrees with their feminist and liberal ideology. Frankly, it’s absolutely disgraceful. I think, in the end, this will backfire and the libs will pay a price. The One has gotten this memo as he has been actually kind of diplomatic on this one. I believe that Sarah Palin is a great pick, as I have since before the big day on Friday, and she’s going to show America how wonderful she is.

    I believe that children of candidates should be hands off, no matter what the party. Unfortunately the media didn’t get this when they failed to report on Ashley Biden’s arrest, Luci Johnson’s White House Solarium trysts or the Gore kids and their problems with pot, and instead focused their venom and reported with glee on the Bush twins and their partying or Noelle Bush and her drug problem.

    Not that it’s any of my business, Bristol Palin is doing the right thing, the father of the child is doing the honorable thing and I offer my prayers to the Palin family.

  3. Drew said

    Thank you Gov. Palan for showing American how to respond to a pregnant teen. She set a great example to every family in America on how to deal with a difficult situation. Hopefully American will recoginze her example and not buy into the Media’s unresponsible and painful propoganda.

  4. Chris said

    For those of you who don’t know, John McCain’s daughter Meghan has a camapign blog . She recently blogged about supporting the Palin family including Bristol and deserves major props for her very kind and classy words.

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