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Palin v. Obama on Experience

Posted by Ryan on September 1, 2008

Gerard Baker penned this quick comparison of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.   The contrasts could not be more clear and could not be more indicative that a Palin-type character is much more desirable in high office than an Obama-type politician. 

Young and ambitious, Obama has followed a typical political corsus, yet rising much too fast to accumulate wisdom and take true responsibility for his political decisions without hiding behind or within the votes of others.  Young and driven, Palin has worked in the private sector, the public sector, and has held local and state offices that force her to be where the “buck stops” on numerous issues, accelerating her wisdom and forcing her to take sole responsibility for her actions.

I know that this election is McCain v. Obama (which on experience isn’t even close), but if the Dems are going to whine about Palin’s lack of experience, then their own candidate needs to look in the mirror and do some thinking about whether or not the Dems really want to go there.


One Response to “Palin v. Obama on Experience”

  1. cinnabon0502 said

    We can look back and see Palin’s record of decision-making as well as the consequences of those decisions. She made executive decision as the mayor of 9,000 and the governor of 650,000. So it’s not millions? The question is how did she do at what she was given? Should more be given to her? I say yes. Her life is an open book. She has shown integrity and forthrightness. She does not equivocate on what she believes.

    Contrastly, Obama “voted” on bills with other senators. This is a far cry from making executive decisions. More often than not, he chose not to vote, but rather to enter in as “present.” How can we derive his decision-making capabilities from that?

    Today, I go to watch the news and find a video(Yahoo News) in which he states how we should all be turning our thoughts and prayers to the victims of Gustav today. I was ok with that. Then he talked about how Americans come together during this time and how we always do. I was ok with that too. Then he yelled out “That’s why I am running for President of the United States of America.” Everyone cheered. Leave it to Barack to make this all about him…

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