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Let the Smears Begin!

Posted by Ryan on September 2, 2008

It began today in earnest:  the MSM onslaught against the McCain-Palin ticket is in full force after using the Labor Day holiday to figure out a way to attack McCain-Palin.  It’s been tricky.

Drudge has a good balance of the smearing on his site, including McCain’s response to what’s been going on since Friday at around 12:50 pm EDT: race and class war if Obama loses; pandering to women who feel sorry for Palin the Victim; and of course, McCain’s deep political calculation and cynicism.

All of it further demonstrates the MSM’s double standards, as well as their fear that the McCain-Palin ticket might pull it off. If they weren’t such a big deal, they wouldn’t care so much, nor would they get so personal.  It makes sense though.  Many MSM members suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, which has carried over to the republican name-brand.  If a Republican wins in the Fall, they might as well cash it in.  They MUST do what they have to do to prevent that, even if it means handicapping the race in favor of Obama, then they’ll see to it with passion.  It’s going to be a rough 63 days.

One Response to “Let the Smears Begin!”

  1. Chris said

    As I have said, the leftists are shaking in their Doc Martens…the same way they were when Thomas was up for the Supreme Court. Palin has the chance to reorganize the party constituencies with her ascension and they don’t want that to happen.

    Tonight at the RNC, my original primary candidate speaks and this should be a true popcorn moment as he is going to heavily defend Sarah Palin and excoriate the left. He has some experience with being smeared as he and his wife (or as the Drive-bys call her, his “trophy wife”) were from the day he announced.

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