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Real American Heroes Are For McCain

Posted by Sal on September 12, 2008

Joe Cook is a veteran of the Iraq war who supports McCain (note this was an independent ad put together by Joe Cook, and not in any way affiliated with the McCain campaign.)  The ad is very powerful, especially the end.  Rather than go into detail, I will let Joe Cook speak for himself.

3 Responses to “Real American Heroes Are For McCain”

  1. Ryan said

    Joe Cook just said everything. The number one reason I will not vote for a Democrat in the foreseeable future is articulated right here in Joe Cook’s attack on the typical liberal Barack Obama: they either just don’t get it about the people in our military and their dignity through service or they don’t care about it. I’m not totally sure which one it is sometimes, so my vote goes to the party which does seem to understand.

  2. victoria said

    what a beautiful video… this is why i am a proud American

  3. kim said

    thank you Joe and God Bless. You made me so proud to be an American. Thank you

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