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Who’s Out of Touch?

Posted by Sal on September 13, 2008

The Obama campaign released an ad last night declaring McCain to be out-of-touch, attacking him for supposedly not knowing how to use a computer or how to send an email. 

The Obama campaign also looked like it was beginning this line of attack with its surrogates, as outlined in the AP.  In the last 24 hours, however, several facts have come to light on the blogosphere, beginning with Jonah Goldberg over at The Corner.  Jonah has found several articles, dating back to 2000, showing that McCain cannot use a keyboard due to his war injuries.  It is primarily this reason that he did not for a while learn to use his computer.  Forbes Magazine as well touched on his war injuries, and the things he could not do because of these injuries.  Since the time that the articles were written, however, HotAir has found a New York Times story from this past July outlining McCain’s familiarity with many sites and blogs on the Internet;  he may not be able to type or use the computer heavily himself because of his injuries, but he does go on many websites (including his daughter’s blog) with the assistance of Cindy. 

So Obama is either cruel and insensitive in regards to McCain’s war injuries, a liar for not reporting the facts correctly, or clueless for not being able to find this basic information.  If anyone is out of touch, it’s the Obama campaign for not knowing how to do a simple Google or Lexus Nexus search.

4 Responses to “Who’s Out of Touch?”

  1. Chris said

    I found that ad to be petty and nasty. When thinking people pick up on this, they will realize that Obama is not only demeaning McCain in this ad, but he is demeaning the service of every individual who served in the military that suffered injuries at the hand of the enemy.

    a) They weren’t thinking; or
    b) They have disdain and contempt for those who have served their nation in military service.

    Now, I wonder if we would be wrong to do an ad about Obama’s ears and his youth/inexperience.

  2. striker426 said

    Pretty cool

  3. Ryan said

    To me this ad seemed directed at the college-aged numbskull vote and if they were any good at keeping informed or following things up, they wouldn’t be so pro-Obama in the first place.

    I’m also sure Obama’s people had no idea about McCain’s condition because they’ve been in super-react mode since the Palin pick. That’s no excuse though and the McCain people should take advantage of their attacks.

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