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Barack Obama, Meet Gianna Jessen

Posted by Ryan on September 15, 2008

Gianna Jessen, survivor of a botched saline abortion on April 6, 1977, and her story are showcased in the recently launched “Born Alive Truth” website with the help of Jill Stanek

The site and the campaign are highlighting Obama’s horrid position on the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which he did NOT support — that’s beyond pro-choice and into just plain sick. 

I heard an ad on the Sean Hannity Show  today, along with his interview with Gianna Jessen herself.  Both were very powerful and really brings this point home.  She’ll be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes tonight as well.

UPDATE:  Here’s the ad mentioned above:

6 Responses to “Barack Obama, Meet Gianna Jessen”

  1. Brought up a Catholic I can remember the two groups of people most reviled in our religion classes. The first was the heretic. The second was the fallen away Catholic. Sarah Palin was brought up Catholic and as I understand went to a Catholic Church for some years before she changed ship. She has every right to do this. What I wonder is what the Catholic Church thinks of this and how Catholics will react to it.

  2. The catholic church does not support Abortion, months ago before the primary’s were even finished, the catholic league told other catholics of this, on there website, about Obama voting against the “born alive infacts act” he voted against it four times. If you saw this young girl on Hannity and colmes tonight. I don’t think it would matter about Sarah Palin’s conversion to christianity. I am a Christian and I call abortion murder. you would have to be a monster to say kill a baby after it comes out alive. Christians and Catholic’s may not agree on the same doctrine, but we believe that murder is murder. Charity or love is the greatest gift. Gina

  3. Mike said

    I met Gianna Jessen in 1996 when I was President of the Eagle Forum Collegians. Even back then, I was very impressed. That kind-hearted young woman has always been and is now a survivor with a heart of gold.

    With all due respect to Mr. Halliday, Catholics will love Sarah Palin if they don’t already.

    Trig Palin > Obama’s Born Alive vote.

  4. debbie said

    I met Gianna with my 3 daughters 16 years ago as she graced us with her story and sang to the group gathered there. I knew it was her the moment I saw the intro to the segment on Hannity & Colmes on FOX. Alan is such a sad individual, somehow not even recognizing with this lovely young woman sitting right next to him, that she would have been the victim of INFANTICIDE after the botched abortion. Glad to see you again Gianna, I was thrilled to meet you, and glad my daughters have remained pro-life in this culture of death.

  5. Todd said

    Re: David’s commment:

    Sarah Palin is a far better Catholic, despite having fallen away from the Catholic Church, than the Governor of Washington State. Christine Gregoire (D) is a member of my Parish in Olympia and she is publicly defiant of the Seattle Archdiose.

    She regularily speaks on behalf of the local NARAL chapter which I find utterly disgusting and reprehensible.

    All of my conservative Catholic friends greatly admire Sarah Palin as a strong advocate for life.

  6. Charles Ross said

    Hey David:

    This is about a beautiful young woman who was nearly LEGALLY killed because this Country has gone insane.

    We used to be a nation of law, order, and civility, guided by a morality underpinned by religion and one that others looked up to.

    Now, because of radical egalitarianism and radical individualism, the latter of which subscribes to the idea that we “should do whatever we want anytime we want to”, and with both behaviors supported by goofy legislation from the bench, we have become a nation of darkness, despair, and evil. This is what modern Liberalism brings – killing innocent babies for convenience.

    What are you, David? A heretic or fallen?

    Charles Ross
    Beaver, Utah

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