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US Deaths in Iraq at All-Time Low

Posted by Ryan on June 1, 2008

As the headline indicates, May 2008 saw the lowest monthly death toll for US troops in Iraq since March 2003 when the war began.  Nineteen soldiers lost their lives last month.  We hadn’t seen numbers that low since 21 soldiers died in the month of February 2004.  This is a testament to the successes we’ve been seeing over the last year as the enemy gets weaker, the Iraqi Military gets stronger, and our role slowly changes from security to maintenance and rebuilding efforts.

Conditions on the ground are also improving such that Australia is safely removing their last 500 troops from Iraq and the British footprint around Basra has been seriously reduced. 

Our CIA indicated that al Qaeda in Iraq is at its weakest point since they became our primary enemy in Iraq, so much so that the bounty on AQI’s leader was reduced last month down to $100,000!  International al Qaeda itself is facing a crisis since apparently more and more jihadist women want the privilege of blowing themselves up!  Apparently the male jihadists just aren’t cutting it lately.

If things keep going in this direction, the Fall election may have quite a different complexion.

AP photo.

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Rudd Defeats Howard

Posted by Mike on November 24, 2007

Kevin Rudd will become the new Prime Minister of Australia after his Labor Party defeated John Howard’s Liberals in today’s Australian Federal Election. After running a campaign in which he described himself as an economic conservative, Australian swing voters will be in for a huge surprise in the very near future, kind of like swing voters in New Jersey and Virginia.

Prime Minister Howard was a great friend to the United States. We appreciated Australia’s assistance in ridding the world of a terrorist-sponsoring regime in Iraq. Prime Minister Howard, who was in the United States on September 11, 2001, knows the threat of evil in the world and the consequences of faling to confront it. His leadership was steadfast. He will be missed.

On a lighter note, the American media’s coverage of the election is quite amusing. They already going out of their way to characterize Rudd’s victory as a defeat for President Bush. According to their conventional wisdom, the election is a defeat for our President because Australia will withdraw their troops from Iraq and sign the Kyoto protocol. It’s true that a withdrawal of Australian troops does not help our cause, and the MSM would have a point if their coverage ended there.

Rudd’s decision to sign the Kyoto Protocol however, is not a defeat for Bush. The U.S. President could care less if Australia signs the protocol. His concern has always been that the U.S. does not adopt a treaty that would harm the U.S. economy. Australia is free to damage their economy in any way they see fit. They made that perfectly clear earlier today.

AFP photo

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Kevin Stuck in a Rudd?

Posted by Mike on October 18, 2007

The UK Spectator’s Coffee House has collected some articles showing that after just one week of campaigning in Australia’s General Election, Prime Minister John Howard’s government is gaining on the opposition Labor Party. One poll even shows Howard gaining nine points on the issue of which coalition leader would make a better Prime Minister.

Now I admit that wishful thinking motivated me to post this.  It may turn out that Howard’s surge is nothing more than a blip, but stranger things have happened. Although it is still more likely that Kevin Rudd will win the election, it is clear that John Howard is outcampaigning him. Whether Howard’s superior campaign skills are enough to turn the tide remains to be seen.  Let’s hope they are.

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Australian General Election of 2007

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2007

Prime Minister John Howard has called an election for November 24. Although we’d love to see him and his government win another term, it looks as though Howard’s government will be defeated by the Labor opposition and their leader Kevin Rudd.

Howard is hanging his party’s fortunes on Australia’s economy, but his support for the war in Iraq seems to be a drag on his popularity. Also unhelpful is the fact that he has been in power for eleven years. Voters in Parliamentary systems often suffer from “government fatigue,” even when times are good. Howard has his work cut out for him.

As for the opposition, it is difficult to gauge what this Kevin Rudd actually stands for. He is running on a platform of “freshness,” “a new generation,” and “change,” and doing so quite effectively. However, Labor’s campaign doesn’t seem too detailed when it comes to policy positions. That’s probably a wise move. Overtaxation, overregualtion, and support of union thuggery are topics best left until after the votes are counted.

I hope Howard finds a way to turn this around. Has anyone ever pulled a Harry Truman down there?

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