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Big Brother 10: The Dan and Renny Show

Posted by Mike on August 31, 2008

I swore I’d never watch the show again after that bi%$# Allison Grodner rigged Season 8 for Evil Dick Donato, but I’ve been watching Big Brother this season. This year is probably as rigged as every other one Grodner one, but I’m still enjoying it. Early on in the season, I decided to root for Dan (the conservative), Keesha (self-explanatory once you see her), and Renny (funniest houseguest). Eventually, I began rooting for Memphis as well.

Since I’m watching the show again, I thought I’d post some clips I found around the Internets. One of the funnier dynamics in this year’s house is the mother-son/friend routine between Dan and Renny. The following are a few videos of Dan driving Renny up a wall, not that it’s a long trip for the “Dahlin From Nawlins.” Enjoy.

WARNING: Some videos contain language.

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American Idol Distances Itself from Jesus

Posted by Ryan on April 11, 2008

Last night, American Idol had their contestants close with a song called “Shout to the Lord.”  Yet, in a song about Jesus, they replaced “Jesus” with “Shepherd!”  Wow.  The anti-Christian bias in the media is well-known and documented, but editing “Jesus” in a song about Jesus?!?  Why choose the song in the first place? 

It sounds like American Idol catering half-heartedly to letters and requests from Christian groups to get Christian Rock songs on the show while trying to avoid any unwelcome labels from secular critics.  I’m very disappointed in the show for this.  I personally don’t listen to Christian Rock so I didn’t understand the issue initially, but knowing that they omitted the word “Jesus” from a song about Jesus seems like a politically correct slap in the face.

Malkin’s got great coverage of the show with commentary.

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Big Brother 8: CBS Loses Even More Credibility

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2007

From the cut and paste editing of E.D. Donato, to the Diary Room influencing the votes, to changing the rules in the middle of the game, the hit CBS show Big Brother 8 was one of the most rigged television game shows since the old version of 21.  Until now, people had to rely on their own eyes and deductive reasoning to reach this obvious conclusion.  Now we have evidence straight from the horse’s mouth.

One of the major elements of the big Brother game is the power of veto.  Contestants’ decision to use or not use the power often determines who is eliminated and can shift the game’s balance of power.  One week last season, contestant Eric Stein won this power and CBS played clip after clip of Stein discussing the pros and cons of using and not using the power of veto.  Had Stein used the power, it most likely would have led to the elimination of one of CBS’s favorite contestants, E.D. or Daniele Donato.   Unfortunately, CBS was lying through their teeth every time they showed Stein discussing his “decision.”

As the network of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes was telling their audience that Stein faced a major decision, the show’s producers had already told Stein that he forbidden to use the power of veto, effectively rigging that week as they had done previously for their favorite contestant and ultimate winner, E.D. Donato.

Last summer, CBS broadcast programs called Big Brother 8 and Power of 10. Too bad the former was no better than the old version of 21.  At the very least, Allsion Grodner should be replaced as the show’s producer.

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Big Brother 8’s Problems are Getting Noticed

Posted by Ryan on August 30, 2007

This CNN-ran Associated Press story finally lets the mainstream know what former BB8 watchers like me have known for six weeks:  the show’s producer, Allison Grodner, is acting like a shrewd ratings shill for CBS, playing up an anti-Semetic remark from Amber and downplaying the emotional and sometimes physical abuse of Dick on the rest of the House, amongst other things which may include rigging the voting. 

All of those, especially the last allegation, are why I refuse to watch the rest of the season.  It is evident from the show’s editing and the AP story that Dick draws in ratings, so he must be kept, and “America’s Player” is their gimmick, so he must be kept, when it is clear that in any other season both of them would have been voted out already.  Season 6 had all the cool players (minus Jedi Janie) voted out three weeks before the show’s finale.  Ratings be damned! That’s how the show is supposed to work.  It’s a game.  I’m hoping that someone sues when the show has concluded.

CBS photo.

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Big Brother 8: Seems Rigged to Me

Posted by Mike on August 16, 2007

Dustin was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight by a vote of 4-2 and is now the first member of the jury who will ultimately determine the winner. Fellow nominee Evil Dick survives and re-joins the other seven remaining contestants to compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

Many viewers were shocked at the result but internet message boards saw it coming, especially when it began to appear that CBS was trying to manipulate the result. Although CBS has long been suspected of using diary room interviews to subtly influence voting, many now believe the network has crossed the line into outright vote rigging. This video of Jen discussing the situation with Amber seems to confirm those suspicions.

As does this video of Jen and Jessica.

It is true that America’s Player Eric had to both vote and campaign for Dustin’s eviction due to online voting. Fair enough. However, many think that CBS tampered with the voting by reprimanding America’s Player for not campaigning forcefully enough against Dustin. The fact that he “did a 180” and stepped up his campaigning immediately after leaving the diary room was seen by many as evidence of CBS skullduggery.

Many internet fans also speculated last week that CBS was up to something when Kail was evicted instead of Eric. At the time, I gave CBS the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. Last week, the last-minute turn of events coincidentally saved their America’s Player twist; and this week’s “unpredictable” events kept the controversial Evil Dick in the house and on the television screen.

CBS claims that their show is produced by Alison Grodner even though it now looks more like a Mary Mapes production. I suppose I could continue to watch this CBS program, but I’d Rather not.

UPDATE: For those still watching this crap, Daniele is the new HOH.

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Big Brother 8: Kail Evicted

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2007

Kail’s luck ran out Thursday evening when she became the fifth houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. She lost to fellow nominee Eric by a vote of 4-3, ending her streak of two consecutive near-eviction experiences.

Kail’s horrible gameplay practically ensured that she was never going to win the game. Her nominations as the first HOH were actually pretty decent, but she painted a huge target on herself by forming a four-person alliance at the very beginning. To make matters worse, she targeted an explosive and unpredictable jackass against the wishes of the house during week two. She was also easily rattled by Dick’s verbal abuse. There is no doubt that Kail’s gameplay was inadequate, but she seemed like a decent person. She was certainly the most normal houseguest. It’s a shame that she had to leave before Dick.

Speaking of the man who needs no nickname, Dick “the *#tches deserve my abuse” Donato confronted Dustin almost immediately after the vote was revealed for failing to do as he was told. Unfortunately for the schmuck, Jessica won the HOH competition at the end of the show, guaranteeing safety for herself and her allies Dustin, Joe Kennedy Sr.-sympathizer Amber, Jameka, and Eric.  Dick and his daughter Daniele (aka “Bones”) on the other hand are the most likely targets for eviction. Showing his typical grace under pressure Evil reacted to Jessica’s win by unleashing one of his patented abusive tirades at Jameka. Everyone gets a turn I suppose.

Photo from

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Big Brother 8: *$#t Hits The Fan

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2007

Scandal is nothing new to Big Brother television series but this season is in a downward spiral. First off, I’d like to withdraw my previous support for the human waterworks known as Amber. As most of the internet already knows, the “Sea Hag” was caught making anti-semitic statements that might even make those who overuse the word “Zionist” blush. Although she should not removed from the show for her comments, one would hope that her days in the Big Brother House are numbered.

In related scandal news, many devoted fans now seem to believe that the Big Brother producers have taken what used to be known as subtle diary room influence and transformed into outright vote rigging. This may may or may not be true; only time will tell if CBS does not. If true, the rigging would be as counterproductive as it is shameful. The game concept of the show is entertaining enough to deliver its ratings without manipulation.

That said, Big Brother has a history of ratings-killer contestants outlasting fan favorites so I’ll give CBS the benefit of the doubt for now. Assuming the game is legit, I am rooting for the alliance of Jessica, Dustin, and Jameka. Although anyone would deserve to win more than Richard.

Screencap via Survivor Sucks

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Big Brother 8: Nick Evicted

Posted by Mike on August 3, 2007

Sorry ladies and dudes of the Marcellas persuasion, but Nick was evicted from the Big Brother House last night by a vote of 6-2. Kail survived the block once again and is now one of ten contestants remaining in the game.

What lesson should should future BB contestants learn from Nick’s departure? Simple. If you are going to form an alliance with everyone in the house, make sure that you don’t let it slip to everyone in the house.

As for the Head of Household competition, the result was not revealed on last night’s broadcast because it was an endurance competition. Axis of Right never posts current pop culture spoilers on the front page; however, I will reveal the new HOH after the jump. Although I won’t post the new HOH’s name until after the jump, I’ll give you a hint as to how the competition went down: Whaddup Kaysar!

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CBS photo

SPOILER WARNING: HOH spoiler after the jump and possibly in the comments.

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Big Brother 8: Mike Evicted

Posted by Mike on July 26, 2007

Apparently some guy named Mike was a contestant on this season of Big Brother; and earlier tonight, he was evicted from the Big Brother house by a 7-2. He is third houseguest to be evicted this season.

This week on the show was the classic example of the old BB cliche “you reap what you sew.”  Mike was not initially targeted for eviction.  That honor belonged to the annoying duo of Kail and Jen. However, Jen removed herself from the block after winning the Power of Veto competition with Mike’s assistance despite a promise from then-HOH Evil Dick that Mike would be Jen’s replacement on the block.  After Jen removed herself from the block, Evil Dick kept his promise by nominating Mike.  The rest is now history.  Although Mike’s decision was not quite Marcellas-bad, it was still pretty darn stupid.  As for fellow nominee Kail, she now joins the other ten remaining houseguests for another week of Big Brother fun.

At the end of tonight’s episode, Dustin (the enemy without gonorrhea),became the new Head of Household. This means that he and his ally Amber are safe. Since I’m rooting for this duo, I hope Dustin can find some consensus nominees like Jen, Zack or Kail. Otherwise, he and Amber will soon become targets themselves. He should have thrown the competition.

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CBS photo

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Big Brother 8: Joe Gets the Boot!

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2007

America’s favorite recovering gonorrhea victim, Joe, got the boot from Big Brother 8 just a few minutes ago!  This was expected by many, since Eric (America’s Player) was told by viewer poll results to vote Joe out, and most of the House (9-1) saw the same problems.  He was whiney, devious, passive-aggressive, and generally unpleasant from day one in the Big Brother household.  I wanted him out from the beginning and it only took two weeks to get rid of him.  Phew!

In another stroke of luck, the person up on the chopping block with Joe this week became Head of Household, which means he’s immune from eviction next week and has to nominate two people to duke it out this coming week on the chopping block.  “Evel” Dick won the competition making what is sure to be a very predictable week– as indicated by the spontaneous eruption of delight by all but two of the House Guests.  Dick is going after Kail and Jen.  Simple, predictable, direct, and a relief to all but those two.

CBS photo.

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Big Brother 8: Carol Evicted

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Earlier tonight, the group inside the Big Brother house grew a little smaller when Carol became the first houseguest to be evicted. Sitting on the block alongside Amber, she was evicted by a vote of 10-1. I’m generally pleased with this outcome because Carol was quite boring. Amber on the other hand, is usually entertaining because of her constant crying, seems to know what she is doing game wise, and is allies with Joe’s nemesis, Dustin. (As Ryan previously mentioned, Joe has got to go).

There isn’t much to say about Carol both because she is boring and it is so early in the game. However, her departure is significant because she was one of the six houseguests who was forced to play the game with an “enemy.” Her enemy was her old high school rival, Jessica, of whom we will speak no ill because of, um, well, her beaming personality.

With thirteen houseguests now remaining, the face of the game now changes as Jen replaces Kail as Head of Household. Jen is quite annoying, but hopefully she will nominate Joe and eventually rid him from our television screens. If she does, her stock will rise.

CBS photo

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Big Brother 8: Joe Has Got to Go!

Posted by Ryan on July 5, 2007

I just watched the first episode of Big Brother Season 8 tonight and I’ve come to this conclusion:  Joe sucks!  But seriously folks, he needs to get voted off now!  He made two really dumb mistakes on the first day in the Big Brother House:

  1. The eleven House guests were told that three more people were joining them.  Suddenly, when the House found out that three of them were having enemies join them in the House, Joe turned from nice funny gay-guy to wretched, potentially back-stabbing bitty, showing how quickly and severe his emotions and composure can turn.
  2. So, he started telling a story about his ex-boyfriend, Dustin, who gave him the clap (mysteriously, of course) who was a lying back-stabbing meanie… just two minutes before Dustin walked down the stairs to join the rest of the House!  I mean, who does that?  In front of people you just met and will be competing against for $500,000, go shouting that you caught gonorrhea from your ex-boyfriend who actually might come down those stairs– and in this case did!

So, Joe has to go for two reasons:  he’s too emotional to trust with the ever realigning alliances in Big Brother, and there is now a huge “ick” factor surrounding him.  Personally, I’ve never seen a reality show where a contestant tells everyone in the first episode they had an STD.  That’s just not normal.  Oh, wait.  Real World 3: who could forget Pedro!

CBS photo.

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Big Brother 8 Starts Tonight! But First

Posted by Mike on July 5, 2007

The wait is over. The eighth season of Big Brother kicks off this evening at 8 PM on CBS. With All-Stars airing last summer, this season will feature the first new cast in two years. A quick glance at the official Big Brother website predictably shows a cast that looks as boring and phony as can be. This is always the first impression; however, first impressions can be misleading. No cast look more artificial and unentertaining before the premiere than Season six, but that was the cast that gave us Janelle and the Jedi.

Every season in recent memory has operated around a theme. This season’s theme is enemies. According to CBS, some of the Houseguests will play the game with someone from their past, someone they thought and hoped they would never see again. It will be interesting to see which enemies target each other and which bury their differences and form alliances.

Over the last few weeks, I posted videos from seasons past mostly because I couldn’t wait for the new season. Since it is still technically “pre-season”, I figured I would post one last video. This clip is a tribute to the woman who hosts the program, Julie “Chenbot” Chen. Chen is not the best television personality out there. In fact, she is robotic and usually downright incompetent. However, her routine is so bad that is actually entertaining and still manages to give Big Brother some of its charm. The show wouldn’t be the same without her.

So the season begins tonight, but first

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Big Brother Flashback: Dollygate

Posted by Mike on June 27, 2007

Last season CBS brought back the most memorable Big Brother houseguests from seasons past for an All-Star edition. Right out of the gate, the four members of the “Season Six Alliance” dominated the game. Along the way however, one member of that alliance, James, thought it would be a good idea to betray his ally, Janelle. The hiccup in this strategy was that Janelle is one of the best Big Brother players who never won the game and also the most popular houseguest in Big Brother history.

In this clip, eviction nominees James and Janelle participate in a veto competition in which the winner guarantees their safety for another week. James of course lost to Janelle and was evicted from the house. The embarrassing part of this episode was not the loss itself. Almost everyone in Big Brother loses to Janelle. What was embarrassing was James’ sore loser routine, which was reminiscent of Al Gore’s hissy fit in the year 2000. After Dollygate, Janelle came out smelling like roses and James was evicted from the house while losing his fan base.

What lesson should have been drawn from this incident? Simple. Don’t cry if a girl beats you in a contest involving a doll.

Meggie28 video

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Big Brother Flashback: Dumbest Move Ever

Posted by Mike on June 21, 2007

Let’s return to Season 3 for what can only be described as the dumbest decision in reality television history. Thankfully it was a decision made by Marcellas, one of the least likeable contestants in reality television history. This video is also worth watching because of the ending, and Lisa.

Livewire Joe video

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Big Brother Flashback: Dr. Will

Posted by Mike on June 16, 2007

Only one Big Brother houseguest could ever deliver a jury speech like this one and still win the game. Dr. Will Kirby entered the Big Brother house at the beginning of Season 2 determined to lie to everybody and lose every challenge before finally winning in the end. He didn’t exactly hide what he was doing, but somehow his rivals fell for it.

What’s even funnier is that five years later, most of the Big Brother All-Stars also fell for Will’s act.  Despite being great players themselves and knowing how Will plays Big Brother, the All-Stars stood by as Will strategized his way into the final four using the same tactics he used five years earlier.

Will is the greatest player in Big Brother history. Not only was his strategy genius, but he was also entertaining along the way. After manipulating everyone around him, Will would often be seen in the diary room mocking those around him for missing the obvious.

CBS would be well-served by finding another Will for Season 8.  That is a tall order though.

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Big Brother Flashback: Lori

Posted by Mike on June 15, 2007

It’s Friday. Here’s some fluff. Big Brother 8 is a little less than three weeks away and I can’t wait. For that reason, I’m going to post some memorable clips from seasons past every couple of days until the new season begins. Let’s begin with Lori from Season 3. Although she was the first evicted houseguest, she gave the editors plenty to work with. With her loopy personality and thick Wisconsin accent, Lori should have been on All-Stars instead of Erika.

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See Ya Sanjaya

Posted by Mike on April 18, 2007

Damn. Looks like the show will go on.

Link via Drudge

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American Idol is a Show! Deal!

Posted by Ryan on January 20, 2007

American Idol is many things: one of which is a talent contest!  If you have no talent and can’t take criticism from experts in control of millions of dollars in record deals and endorsements, don’t audition!  This story from the AP is absolutely obnoxious!

Have you ever watched American Idol past the first few weeks of the bad people?  This is a serious contest and Paula, Randy and Simon have to listen to every single person and make judgments about who America will buy and listen to.  99.9% of all auditioners are going home that day.  You can’t take it personally if after a long day of listening to bad singers they make a few comments about how bad you are!  Relish the fact that you made it on TV!  So the editors made this season seem meaner.  I do think they’re edgier, but also more entertaining– it’s the sixth season, they have to do something to get people to keep watching!

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Janelle Evicted: Big Brother All-Stars Unofficially Comes to an End

Posted by Mike on September 7, 2006

I love reality television. Although I love all games where people are voted out one by one, Big Brother is my favorite. It’s my guilty pleasure. Earlier this year, Ryan posted on the beginning of Big Brother All-Stars. Although an entertaining show in the U.S., Big Brother usually disappoints with some loser winning it all. With only Mike Boogie and Erika remaining, this year is no exception.

Big Brother All Stars unofficially ended tonight with the eviction of Janelle Pierzina. Janelle, the most entertaining, most attractive, and best player to never win Big Brother finished in an impressive third place for the second consecutive season despite being the number one target from the beginning. With four HOH and five power of veto victories this season, Janelle saved herself week after week and established herself as the all time competition winner in Big Brother history. Despite falling short, it was an impressive run.

Since the show unofficially ended tonight, I did a quick Youtube search for memorable Janelle moments from the last two seasons. Here are some clips of Janelle and the other Jedi mocking Cappy, Janelle winning her first HOH in Season 6 after Kaysar was scumbagged, saying Bye Bye Bitches to J-Blow and Maggie, going off on the Nerd Herd while under the influence, catching food while under the influence in the All-Stars HOH, and finally, evicting Will, the greatest Big Brother player of all time.

Although Janelle was involved in the most memorable moments, other highlights from this season are worth a link. These include bitchy Marcellas in sequester, Chilltown phone calls, Alison’s DR, drunk, desperate Danielle, Big Boy Howie, and Chilltown phone calls.

All-Star reality shows usually disappoint. Despite the final two of Mike Boogie and Erika, this season was better than expected. After all, Janelle beat all the all stars in All-Stars.

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Big Brother 7 Starts Tonight!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2006

The obsessively addicting reality show “Big Brother” starts its seventh season tonight @ 8pm on CBS with Big Brother All-Stars. Perhaps not as racy or raunchy as its Australian version, which has recently stirred up some controversy, this show brings back many of the old season’s favorites, including Janelle (see below). Beautiful, smart, sassy– the whole package (even if they’re not real).

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Idol’s at It Again!

Posted by Ryan on April 7, 2006

Mandisa Hundley was recently voted off of the new season of American Idol. That girl has pipes!… just not fans. She also has a certain point of view about homosexuality. She does not actively support the gay agenda and states that she would not perform at one of their activist rallies.
MSM translation: she’s practically Klan.

Anti-gay press seems to be one of the running themes this season on Idol. I’m not sure what the motive is: boredom with the smoothness of the show, the need for some kind of non-Paula related controversy, a blatant attempt at social engineering Culture War-style, or something else.

Think: first, Randy and Simon (experts in the music performance and promotion industries, respectively) think that poor singers can’t sing— even if they happen to be gay, transsexual or just like how they look in the opposite gender’s clothing; secondly, now Mandisa’s deeply held Christian belief that homosexuality is a more complex issue than “if it feels good do it” is getting fresh negative press for the highly successful show in its fifth season. C’mon, this girl just got booted off the show, now it’s time to kick her again for having a certain Christian belief unpopular with the MSM’s clique?

I remember when this show was about singing. (pine… sigh)

Thank Yahoo for the pict.

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The Unintentional Comedy of George Galloway

Posted by Mike on January 26, 2006

The BBC has the latest on George Galloway post- Big Brother. I know. I know. George Galloway’s sucking up to dictators and assistance to the U.N. in its oil for food scandal are more outrageous than his recent stint on the UK’s celebrity Big Brother where he, among other things, dressed in a leotard and imitated a cat, but his reflections on the reactions to his experience is just too rich. “Why are we talking about this? The world is in flames. The Liberal Democrat party is imploding… there is war and pestilence and disease in the world. Why are we talking on national radio for 10 minutes about me, for charity, pretending to be a cat? “

Hey Galloway, if a ten minute distraction on a radio talk show irritates you, what are your thoughts on your childish decision to take several weeks away from your duties as an MP while the world was supposedly falling apart? Of course your absence was probably the best gift you could have given your constituents and to the world. Not that it really matters anyway. With the adults in charge, your insane ideas really can’t see the light of day. At least not in the UK. Now if we can just have an election in France. . .

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Not So GLAAD About American Idol

Posted by Ryan on January 21, 2006

I personally like American Idol. I like music, I played in a college band around Providence back in the day, so I like to see what’s out there and encourage grassroots local music. I listen to the FUSE network to get a sense of new music, etc. American Idol’s first couple of weeks are usually a big laugh since they show the good, the bad and the “what the heck was that?!” Viewership usually falls thereafter, including my own.

So, GLAAD puts out this presser saying that American Idol is homophobic because of a few statements made by judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. But, I indeed saw both of the auditions in question and something didn’t sit right about the accusation:

  1. One fellow was, in fact, rather bad and Simon thought that he might be better singing in drag– there is apparently a niche for that kind of stuff. While I didn’t agree (this person should never sing in front of anyone), my sense of moral outrage was not piqued. But GLAAD apparently believes that it was a homophobic remark. The fact that he had ZERO singing talent, apparently did not factor into GLAAD’s equation.
  2. The second fellow was someone who really seemed not comfortable being a male. He wore high heels, had a quite androgynous haircut, and had an effeminate speaking voice and mannerisms. I thought he was a girl. So did my roommate. So did a friend I phoned immediately after. However, so did Randy, Simon and Paula: the judges. While better than the first person noted, he/she was still not up to par with many of the other auditioners– even those that did not make it through to the Hollywood rounds. He/she was rejected. The auditioner then told his/her mother and the cameras that the reason he/she was not selected is because they were homophobic. I had the sense that his/her lack of singing talent was more of the reason.

The point of this is that GLAAD is a liberal interest group trying to assert itself into relevance at the expense of others. They are trying to gain attention by knocking other people down. The person’s gayness had little to do with their inability to sing or have stage presense. In another audition, a guy dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, came in and sang “New York, New York.” He got through five words and all three judges sent him packing. Does that mean that the judges do not like America? Should their phones be tapped? Should the ACLU get involved? What’s the SCOTUS’ position on all of this? GLAAD should spend less time looking ridiculous and more time reading Tammy Bruce.

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