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I Never Liked Astroturf

Posted by Mike on September 16, 2008

Most Rush Limbaugh fans are familiar with the concept of seminar calling. That’s when a liberal phones in to a conservative radio show and pretends to be lifelong conservative before parroting Democrat talking points on the issue of the day. The left has been doing it for years.

This year, David Axelrod and the Obama campaign has taken the concept of seminar calling to the internet with a tactic called “astroturfing.” According to Ace of Spades, the formula is always the same:

The script–

1. The Pledge: I’m a conservative/I’m a Christian/I’m a conservative Christian

2. The Turn: My heart is with you guys, really… but I have these concerns

3. The Prestige: I hear all these great things about Obama and/or did you hear this horrible stuff about Palin?

And of course the simple whitebread, just-plain-folks psuedonym.

It has to be formulaic out of necessity. The Obama-supporting lefty is usually an unemployed MSNBC-watching pothead with a keyboard. They have to keep it simple for the stupid.

Unfortunately for the libs, inventions like Site Meter ensure that the tactic isn’t foolproof. One example Ace cites is a Patterico troll who claims to be a Wasilla, Alaska resident with inside dirt on Sarah Plain. The trouble is, Site Meter tracked the “Wasilla resident” to Chicago. Thankfully, astroturfing libs are about as intelligent as they think conservatives are. In the end, all they’re doing is wasting their own time that would otherwise be spent on Dungeons and Dragons or Magic the Gathering.

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