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Death of Competition in Health Care

Posted by Sal on July 9, 2008

For years, Conservatives have been sounding the alarm on the dangers of socialized medicine, pointing to the problems that socialized medicine has brought to Britain, Canada, and more recently, Austrailia.  Back in 2006, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts (of which I am a resident) took the first step towards socialized medicine by mandating full-care health insurance for all citizensBesides spiraling, out-of-control costs and a major headache for all MA residents, the plan further opened the door to government-run health care.  It is also significant, beacuse it is the plan that presidential candidate Barack Obama has based his own national health care plan on. 

Now, the MA state government wants to limit people’s choices and direct competition of services.  Boston is the home of some of the world’s best hospitals (Mass General, Dana Farbor Cancer Instiute, Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Woment’s, etc.)  Most of these hospitals are teaching hospitals affiliated with Harvard Medical, Tuffts, Boston University, and other high-quality medical facilities.  These hospitals also have satellite centers in various community hospitals throughout the state, bringing a high quality of care out to the suburbs.  However, currently the care is outpatient-only.  The hospitals want to expand the services and provide overnight care at these community hospitals as well.  It sounds like a great idea — have some of the same programs, the same high-quality doctors, as one can get by going into Boston.  However, this is too much for the administration of Deval Patrick, as it would diminish the role of the community hospital!  The Patrick administration is now planning to regulate so that the teaching hospitals cannot provide “duplication of services” that are available at community hospitals, in order to help contain costs.  This is yet another step into the degredation of our freedoms in choosing our own health care. 

It is a known fact that competition yields better costs and increased quality and innovation.  Yet the Patrick administration wants to curtail an individual’s right to choose medical care that is best for them, and the hosptial’s rights to expand and provide more services.  Obama and Patrick are close friends;  America, be warned — an Obama health care policy will adversely effect the quality of your health care.

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