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One Can Dream: The Democrats’ Brokered Convention

Posted by Mike on April 16, 2008

Lawrence O’Donnell, yes that Lawrence O’Donnell, has written a pretty interesting fictional account about the upcoming Democrat National Convention. It reads as the scenario Rush is hoping to create with Operation Chaos and is something you actually wouldn’t put past these people.  The Democrat primary almost certainly won’t end the way O’Donnell imagines, but one can always dream.  In any event, O’Donnell’s account is probably an accurate description of what is currently happening behind the scenes so I say grab the popcorn anyway.

For the record, I still oppose Operation Chaos because She Who Must Not Be Named’s White House dream needs to end. That said, it is fun to watch.

HT: Ann Coulter

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Caught Red Handed . . . Again.

Posted by Mike on April 6, 2008

A repulsive woman runs for President of the United States. One of the problems with her candidacy is that she has very little foreign policy experience. Exploiting this inexperience, her even less experienced primary opponent points out the fact that the woman’s foreign policy experience amounts to nothing more than having tea with real world leaders during their downtime. Sensing that voters may notice she is unqualified to run America’s foreign policy, the repulsive woman concocts a thrilling tale in which in which she dodges sniper fire on the war-torn Bosnian tarmac after her airlplane undergoes evasive maneuvers, activates a cloaking device, and travels through time. For a few weeks, the candidate believes she has convinced Americans that she has the experience after all.

Trouble ensues for the candidate however, as footage of her Bosnian greeting ceremony surfaces. The video shows no corkscrew landing, no flux capacitor, no invisibility device, and no speeding bullets. What the video shows is a smiling First Lady at an event resemebling the one described by her primary opponent, albeit without the tea. Unfortunately for the repulsive woman, the story was so false that even her media allies had to ridicule her. The story that supposedly proved one of her qualifications was an elaborate but sloppy lie. The repulsive woman had egg on her face, which at least made her more attractive than she had ever been before.

This has been the story of She Who Must Not Be Named’s last two weeks. Recognizing that the voters know she has no foreign policy experience, SWMNBN shifted gears to an area where she actually has experience, health care.

Now, no Democrat stump speech would be complete without some woeful tale of some sympathetic person being mistreated by people who have jobs as they die under a bridge somewhere. In SWMNBN’s health care stump speech, the sympathetic figure was a pregnant woman earning minimum wage. The people with jobs were the people who worked in the hospital. The mistreatment was the fact that they refused to treat her because she did not have the $100 payment necessary to be treated. The death departed from the script slightly as the woman died in a helicopter instead of a dumpster. Like 99.472 percent of all Democrat sob stories, this one was BS. SWMNBN has pulled this story from her stump speech lineup.

On foreign policy, SWMNBN had little foreign policy experience to speak of, so she made up an elaborate story to prove otherwise. On health care, SWMNBN had significant experience that no wise candidate would dare speak of, so she made up a story (with the help of some liberal liar she encountered on the stump) designed to tug at the heartstrings while avoiding a discussion of her unworkable solution. In both instances, the stories that were supposed to serve as part of her candidacy’s foundation proved false. In the process, she reinforced one of her many qualities that cause people to dislike her. The house is falling. Let’s hope the witch is under it when it collapses.

AP photo

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A Tale of Two Book Reviews

Posted by Mike on April 3, 2008

Most people always have a list of books they want to read. When we finally get around to actually reading a book on our lists, one of three things happens: (1) the book is about what we expected, (2) the book is even better than we expected, or (3) the book fails to meet expectations. None of these situations are usually surprising because most intelligent people realize that it is impossible to know what is between a books covers until you read it.

While most people understand this concept, the same cannot be said of non-New York liberal Bill Cope. Not only does Cope think it is possible to know what is in a book he hasn’t read, he also thinks it’s possible to write an intelligent review of a book despite the fact that he hasn’t read it.

And that is the point of this post. Let’s compare and contrast. This is Ann Coulter’s review of “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama, a book she read before writing her review. This is Cope’s review of “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg, a book he never read but decided to review anyway.

Hat tips: The Corner, On Tap

ETA:  Coulter fans will get the “non-New York liberal” reference.

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She Who Must Not Be Named, Lie #41,502,384,852

Posted by Mike on March 24, 2008

She Who Must Not Be Named’s tale of dodging sniper fire in the Bosnian war zone is merely one in the infinite line of lies flying of her mouth during this campaign. For that reason, I thought nothing of the fairy tale the first time I heard it. I simply laughed out loud because it was so obvious that she was lying.

Since no one on the planet actually believed the lie when it was first told, no proof of the lie is actually necessary. However, thanks to the Jed Report, the proof is now viral. Why not post the proof as shown in the form of a movie trailer?

The whopper itself was unbelievable, but the explanation that she simply “misspoke” why telling it in great detail is even more so. Fortunately, even the media doesn’t seem to be buying it now that the tired old 1990s politics are being used against a liberal.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades

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No Water for The Witch as Some Republicans Play With Fire

Posted by Mike on March 4, 2008

Earlier tonight, I had a discussion with Salinger in which he informed me that a conservative we both (and many of you) know and respect actually cast a ballot for She Who Must Not Be Named. I know Rush Limbaugh and other influential conservative suggested that Republicans do just that, and I know that the Democrat infighting that a close race provides will be crazy delicious. But good God people, this is SWMNBN!

In our discussion, Salinger wondered how it is even physically possible for a good conservative to pull the lever, punch the hole, or complete the arrow next to her name without vomiting on the spot. I still haven’t haven’t figured out the answer to that one.

My first thought upon hearing this was regret. Tonight was the night we could have stood by and watched as Obama poured water on the witch and it now it looks like she will live to fight another day. If SWMNBN comes from behind, wins the nomination and then the White House, those good conservatives who voted for her today are going to feel awfully guilty when they realize the price of their short-term schadenfreude.At this point, SWMNBN has won Rhode Island (the Riddle Family Graveyard of American Politics) and Ohio. She has also been gaining all night in Texas.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama still has the inside track and I will enjoy the Uncivil War as much any conservative. However, we had better hope that SWMNBN ultimately loses this thing because I don’t want to hear a never-ending Lazarus narrative until November. In fact, I don’t want to hear her period.

If you don’t think this scenario is possible, take note of Rush Limbaugh’s latest Pearl of Wisdom regarding a certain family (the first line says it all).

Reuters photo

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New Debate Format Needed

Posted by Mike on February 26, 2008

Barack Obama and She Who Must Not Be Named are debating right now, and I’m surprised to say that I almost have a little sympathy for them. This does not stem from any affection for these two, God knows they haven’t done anything to earn my respect. The problem is the awful moderating job being done by Brian Williams and Tim Russert. Once again, debate moderators seem to think the debate is about what they want to say rather than what the voters want to hear.

When a candidate tries to respond in a debate, the moderator should just sit back, shut his mouth, listen, and only jump in if one candidate is speaking noticeably more than the other. If liberal reporters are hellbent on dominating the stage even in a Democrat debate, then John McCain needs to exercise extreme caution before he agrees to a debate format and moderator next autumn.

I never thought I’d say this, but America should learn from the French. My preferred debate format is the one used by Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal in 2006. Under this format, the candidates discuss the issues as they see fit, with little if any input from a moderator. While a candidate speaks, a clock on that candidate’s side of the screen ticks, and voila, an informative debate with time equally divided. Informative? Equal time? There’s no way the MSM would agree to this.

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Eloquence Defined

Posted by Mike on February 24, 2008

Peggy Noonan, unquestionably a brilliant wordsmith and speechwriter, has been off her game ever since President Bush’s second inaugural. In the past few months however, Noonan has noticed circumstances that should be obvious but are somehow overlooked. Her latest column on Barack Obama is an excellent example.

Obama’s claim to fame since 2004 has been his oratory skills. Some have even called it eloquence. Not Peggy Noonan though.

Mr. Obama is magnetic, interacts with the audience, leads a refrain: “Yes, we can.” It’s good, and compared with [She Who Must Not Be Named] and John McCain, neither of whom seems really to enjoy giving speeches, it comes across as better than it is. But is it eloquence? No. Eloquence is deep thought expressed in clear words. With Mr. Obama the deep thought part is missing. What is present are sentiments.

As has been the case in recent months, Noonan has pointed out the obvious, which has somehow been overlooked by the chattering class. In a year when language may be crucial, McCain would be wise not to overlook Peggy Noonan.  When Noonan writes, to paraphrase Deval Patrick Barack Obama, it really is more than “just words.”

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The Obama Endorsement: Chafee Is As Chafee Does

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2008

Once upon a time, many thought that the sole purpose of this website to bash Lincoln Chafee and with good reason. All three of us are conservative Republicans who were born and raised in Rhode Island, and we were naturally disgusted with the leftist leanings of our former Senator. After siding with the Democrats on the War on Terror (including its Iraq front), taxes, overregulation, abortion on demand, gun control, affirmative action, and even the 2004 Presidential election, it was clear that Chafee needed to be defeated, preferably in a primary. Alas, some things were not meant to be.

What bothers me about today’s news that Lincoln Chafee endorsed Barack Obama is not the endorsement itself. Those of us who knew what the guy was all about saw something like this coming a long time ago. What really grinds my gears is the fact that the Republican National Senatorial Committee and other national party people did not. Rather than using the rank and file’s hard-earned and well-intentioned contributions to support conservative (or even somewhat loyal moderate) incumbents and viable challengers, the national organization used its supporters’ money to prop up a disloyal leftist at the expense of a moderate-to-conservative challenger.

Many of the same Republican leaders who propped up Chafee in 2006 will express outrage over this endorsement, but they have no credibility when they do so. Lincoln Chafee tipped his hand years ago, and nothing he does today should come as a surprise. Chafee is as Chafee does. He always has been.

Photo via the Boston Globe-Democrat

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The Company Obama Keeps

Posted by Mike on February 11, 2008

It’s normally unfair to judge a politician based on the act of a single supporter, and I don’t blame Barack Obama for this one. However, when someone who not only supports a candidate but works in the candidate’s headquarters and the act in question is displaying a picture of Cuban murderer Che Guevara on the wall, it should make one wonder what it is about the candidate that makes him so attractive to the naive and/or ignorant.

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Fake Edwards Fake Endorses McCain

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2008

Well sort of.  Can a fake endorsement of a fake Republican become a real one if the candidate who gives it is also a fake?   Sometimes there is a great deal of truth in satire.  

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Reagan Takes McCain to the Woodshed

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2008

Michael Reagan that is. It seems that the 20th Century’s greatest President’s son is not about to join Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Joe Lieberman on the John McCain’s bandwagon. Like many conservatives, Reagan is having a hard time overlooking the maverick’s attitude.

I’m not as hard on McCain as many other conservatives. Sure, he’s dead wrong on too many important issue, but he’s also so-so on other issues and pretty decent on others. he isn’t the perfect candidate or even a good one, but he isn’t She Who Must Not Be Named either. That said, I’ve also never denied that McCain has a habit of giving the base the finger and has no business leading our once-great party. After reading Reagan’s latest column, however, I realize that my middle finger analogy was an understatement.

Given our current situation, I think our party should simply take a chance on Mitt and see what happens.

Hat tip: Mark Levin

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Swift Kids Collection

Posted by Mike on January 24, 2008

Just keeping our promise to our friend from “Denver.”

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