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Iraq Death Toll Hits 4000 Americans

Posted by Ryan on March 24, 2008

It’s still a tough fight in Iraq as the MSM’s obsession with death counts is renewed today as the total American death toll in Iraq hits roughly 4000 soldiers (including non-combat dead).  While every death has meaning and is tied to a family’s sorrow, historically compared to other wars this number is quite low, reflecting only a tough morning in a large Civil War battle, rather than a total after 5 years of heavy combat and constabulary duties in a hostile nation on the other end of the world.  It reflects positively on our soldiers, commanders, and medical staffs that the numbers have stayed this low for so long.  Let’s pray they don’t rise too much higher.

It’s all about perspective, I suppose.

However, I must admit that since last year, the media’s morbid obsession with the number of American dead has waned in the face of the Petraeus Report and Iraq not being the number one campaign issue helping Democrats.  As has been the case since the “Mission Accomplished” speech in May 2003, the MSM’s treatment of the war has been to report what’s happening through a partisan and ideological lens.  Perhaps our soldiers have achieved an unintentional victory against the American and International media’s treatment of what they are doing and accomplishing in Iraq.  It’s a shame they had to fight that battle in the first place. 

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