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Catholics Down in Worldwide Count to Muslims

Posted by Ryan on March 31, 2008

Roman Catholics: 1.13 billion 


Muslims: 1.3 billion 

I have a really big problem with this Reuters story about the above statistics.  The Vatican, using hard to verify UN statistics, indicates that the world’s Muslim population has eclipsed Roman Catholicism as the world’s largest religious sect. 

I’m not concerned about nor am I playing a “my religion’s bigger than yours” game, but I do believe that the premise is ignorant:  Islam is not a monolithic religion — it has sects too that we hear about every single day

Ever hear of a “Sunni” or a “Shi’ite”?  What about a Sufi, Khariji, Druze or Wahhabi, etc.?  They are all sects of Islam, just like Roman Catholicism is a sect (albeit a super-large sect) of Christianity. 

I’m not sure what the Vatican was trying to say here with this statement about these numbers, but on the surface, it seems either sneaky or ignorant: either a chance to unify other Christian sects to gain numbers, or a politically correct way of starting some kind of a dialogue.  But, maybe I’m missing something here.

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