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Zero Tax Relief From Obama

Posted by Mike on September 10, 2008

Even though there isn’t a soul in America that believes him, Barack Obama has been running around the country claiming to support a tax cut for the overwhelming majority of Americans. With that in mind, I was happy to see this piece by Newt Gingrich and Peter Ferrara in the Weekly Standard on taxes.

Gingrich and Ferrara argue that most of Obama’s “tax cuts” are for people who don’t actually pay taxes thanks to the low tax policies of President Reagan, President Bush, and Gingrich’s Congress.

The merits of Obama’s plan are of course debatable even though the plan is misguided, but what people need to be aware of is that Obama’s plan does not reduce the amount of money taxpayers are forced to send to the government.  Under Obama’s plan, those who actually pay taxes will continue to pay through the nose while those who don’t will receive even more money they did not earn.  You could call it lipstick on a pig, but I’d rather call it That 70s Show.

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Close The Door

Posted by Mike on September 3, 2008

Barack Obama’s ties to terrorist William Ayres is fair game and should have been the subject of a thousand media questions over the last year and a half.  Obama’s prior cocaine use however, should not. Not unless liberals open the door that is. If left wing blogs and the mainstream media (a distinction without a difference?) can mention Todd Palin’s 22 year old DUI conviction, then they’ve opened the door. Last night, Newt Gingrich walked through the door.

The left opened a door that should remain closed, but here we are.

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Newt Says (and I agree): Sign the Petition!

Posted by Ryan on May 29, 2008

Here’s Newt making tons of sense once again:

So, SIGN THIS PETITION from Newt’s American Solutions project to get your voice heard on having a sound, pro-growth energy policy for our nation during these hard times. 

The Warner-Lieberman Bill is a horrible, anti-growth, anti-business bill that is gaining momentum in the Senate not because it is sound policy, but because it is ideological populist environmentalism stuck between the Republicans who don’t want to look mean and the Democrats who want to impose socialism.  Warner-Lieberman is a scary New Deal rehash (which has Barbara Boxer’s mitts all over it) that, according to the Wall Street Journal, “would impose the most extensive government reorganization of the American economy since the 1930s.”  This would unleash so many repercussions that no one could fully see.  We have a global economy — businesses do not have to stay in the USA anymore, and they won’t. 

Drill here, drill now, pay less” is Newt’s mantra.  It’s a private sector solution that will yield faster results with less red tape without attacking our economic and political systems.

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A Mississippi Massacre Portends a Cold November

Posted by Ryan on May 14, 2008

First Dennis Hastert’s seat in Illinois, then two seats in the Deep South over the past two weeks.  Three House seats historically and reliably Republican have fallen to conservative Dems (Blue Dogs) who have no business winning seats in these historically Republican districts. 

Yet, the Dems are winning them.  Mississippi Republican Greg Davis lost to Democrat Travis Childers 54-46% in a special election for a district considered reliably Republican.  Eight points is a lot to lose by in this case.  One election can be a fluke, but three in just the last few weeks and months portends a tough slog this November. 

And with McCain keeping many conservatives lethargic, who will be passionate enough with a solid agenda to lead the Republicans to victory in the Fall?  Is Congressional victory even possible? 

Where’s Newt when you need to storm the castle?  That’s right, he’s been warning of this for a while now, being lowered to lecturing the milquetoast John Boehner on how to design a winning campaign!  The Blue Dogs were supposed to be a one-term phenomenon, but could signal a campaign strategy to trailblaze a Congressional mandate in an (shudder) Obama Administration.

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An Early Wake Up Call For Republicans

Posted by Ryan on May 6, 2008

Newt Gingrich issued this “wake up call” to national Republicans in an attempt to prevent electoral disaster this Fall.  Newt makes a series of great points in this article (even a shout-out to Boris Johnson!) about the impending train-wreck, but also offers 9 solutions to the Republican conundrum facing the party this Fall. 

I believe that if Republicans do not heed the call, we could be looking at 1974 (in Congressional races) and 1976 (in the presidential race) all in one cycle!  OK, those elections gave us Jimmah Carter and hurt the Dems in the long-run… however, American still got a Jimmah Carter and had to dredge through those horrible times.  Obama (the likely nominee for the Dems) is potentially the new Jimmah Carter for this nation (he’s practically running on the same shallow populist bilge).

If we had a formula to avoid it in 1976, I think the Republicans would have taken it.  Newt’s ideas are bold, positive and immediately doable; we might just have a formula for victory this Fall!

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Book Review: Real Change by Newt Gingrich

Posted by Ryan on March 22, 2008

I am recommending the book “Real Change” by Newt Gingrich. Newt paints a picture of a Red, White and Blue America (clever) where on so many issues, the American people are astoundingly on the same page: that many media-driven divisions don’t really exist on a host of cultural and domestic issues like religion, immigration, the broader War on Terror, English, and many others.

Newt also indicates that in order to achieve real change we need revolutionary thinking: admitting that our current bureaucratic government structure and dynamic inhibits the very change the folks really crave because of red-tape, leading to cumbersome and slow reactions to crises, and people in power resisting change to save their jobs (ie- government worker unions, of which, for full disclosure, I am a part).

The Dems are too tied to this failed bureaucratic paradigm to see their true belief that the very government screwing up Social Security, Medicare, and our energy policy, will be the very agent which will save the day. That’s ridiculous! In Newt’s view, the Republicans are in the best position to foment real change, but opportunities have been lost and the American people seem to have lost faith in the Republican’s ability to be different from the Dems: look at all the big-government pork-barrel spending Republicans engaged in this decade! If the Republicans would just stay true to their principles and look at our problems in different ways, real fundamental and positive change could take place.

Newt’s agent for change would be to look at a world where structures work and apply it to government: the private sector. Competition, entrepreneurship, America’s brains and will-power being unleashed to do great things applied to our government would be revolutionary enough to actually fix our system.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not an advocate for big government here, but I would like the government which exists to actually work well (I’m paying for it)!

Here’s a YouTube clip:

I saw this on display this morning.  I used my credit card to buy groceries.  It took about three seconds for the system to verify me and access my account.  I also got a package this morning that I ordered online a week ago.  The company said 7-10 days delivery on this particular item.  Nice and smooth. 

I’ve also seen the bureaucratic nightmare up close a few years ago.  I dare anyone reading this to apply for a teaching certificate in the State of New Jersey just for fun!  They lost my application twice, the application they did allegedly look at came back to me with my last name spelled wrong and a with different birth year (everything else was fine though). They charged me $60 for all three.  I fought them for two months on the phone and in person and only managed to pay once — on the fourth version with everything fixed.  Horrible and scary.

What if private sector business models (where things work) were applied to cumbersome bureaucratic structures like the State of New Jersey, Social Security, the Pentagon or any government bureaucracy (where things don’t work)?  Revolutionary change indeed!

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