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Ryan’s VP Endorsement: A Seconding of John Kasich

Posted by Ryan on August 25, 2008

Let me explain. 

Sarah Palin’s been the flavor of the week because she’s conservative, female, and a new face on the scene.  But what has she really accomplished of significance with national or regional implications that makes her qualified to be one heart-beat away from being President?  What aid does Alaska’s Governor give the national ticket strategically?  Dick Cheney was from Wyoming, yes, but he had decades of real national security experience before being Veep.  Most people vote top-of-the-ticket anyway and I don’t think she’s the best one for this election cycle, though.

Throughout the primaries this year I’ve been pragmatically (though not always philosophically) behind Mitt Romney because he is positioned well with money and notoriety as the one who would have been #2 behind McCain in the primaries had he stayed in the race, while being able to articulate ideas superbly.  He’s not without faults or a faux-pas or two.  Yet, with all that he was “conservative enough” to me given our realistic choices this year.  Some people will simply never vote for a ticket which carries a Mormon on it, and others think he’s either too “squeaky clean” or too “used-car salesman” for their support.  Yet, he is McCain’s most likely pick:  he’ll appease a good number of conservatives and shore up protection against those who attack McCain’s own shaky statements on the economy.  I’d support the ticket — it’s not a bad pick…

But it’s ultimately not the best pick in my view.

John Kasich’s superlatives have been well-documented by Mike below so I will not stray into Mike’s territory too much; only to say that I agree that Kasich nearly guarantees Ohio while solidifying Pennsyltucky for McCain.  Kasich has no real enemies or controversies and also left Congress on the top of his game.  I also agree that his down-home nature will cream O’Biden in the Veep debate and on the stump.  Furthermore, he would make a fine President if the need arose and will strengthen the ticket being young, articulate, strategically important and very bright (“bright” as in quite smart, not as in Obama-holy-halo shine “bright”).

Thusly, because John Kasich is a conservative with a mainstream likability which will add votes, not subtract them like the odds-on favorite Mitt Romney, I concur with Mike and endorse John Kasich for the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nomination.

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Obama’s Media Blues

Posted by Ryan on March 4, 2008

The voting hasn’t yet wrapped in Texas, Ohio, Vermont or Rhode Island, but it is likely that Obama will win enough delegates tonight to turn the establishment against She Who Must Not Be Named by the time Pennsylvania comes around.  I hope not — I love watching the Democrat in-fighting!

However, at the same time it’s been a rough week for Obama; one he’s not used to having.  I’ve always felt that the one thing the press likes more than hyping someone up, is eventually tearing them down. 

First came NAFTA:  senior Obama economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, spoke to members of the Harper government apparently saying that the Canadian government shouldn’t take Obama’s anti-NAFTA rhetoric seriously.  That sounds very much like politics as usual (not very hopeful or change-like politics).  Denials abound and SWMNBN’s campaign ran with it, but Harper’s response was carefully worded and vague.  Regardless of what was said, this story is not likely to go away because of the way it was handled.

Then, Obama actually got asked some tough questions today by, of all people, THE PRESS!  Obama tried to manage the news conference, but after complaining that the press asked “like eight questions,” he huffed and puffed his way off the stage.  Apparently Obama didn’t like questions being asked about his former fundraiser Tony Rezko’s trial or NAFTA-gate.

Here’s a free-of-charge tip for Obama: There’s no one the press loves to hound more than someone important who doesn’t like them.  Have fun with the rest of the campaign!

AP photo.

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