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What to do with Manny Ramirez?

Posted by Ryan on July 27, 2008

The Boston Red Sox have a problem:  Manny Ramirez is a great player, just not a great team player.  Lately he’s been verbally and physically confrontational with his team and staff and the management have been equally vocal about Ramirez’s behavior.  He even missed Game 1 in their latest series against the New York Yankees, showing up to the game where the Yanks piled on 10-3.  It seemed like all the chatter (when A-Rod wasn’t getting hit — not cool by the way) was about Manny and his future.  More to come in tonight’s game.

Why not just trade him?  Well, he’s pretty good although routinely goes through mid-season meltdowns like clockwork, and other teams are wise to the fact that Manny’s going to act like this where ever he ends up.  Some have offered suggestions, but mostly every conversation goes in circles — if he leaves, no one will pay him what the Sox have paid him, so he’s apt to stay.  Whatever the outcome, with a tight AL East this season, the early favored BoSox could easily end up in third behind the surprising Tampa Bay Rays and resurgent and lately dominant Yankees.

Pic from the Red Sox Times.

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Boston Red Sox BaseBrawl

Posted by Ryan on June 6, 2008

While the Boston Celtics won an exciting Game 1 NBA Finals victory over the LA Lakers last night 98-88, the big game was not the only one in town that has generated some news.

During the Boston Red Sox game against the upstart Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays last night, the BoSox Center Fielder Coco Crisp (I think I used to have that for breakfast as a kid) was struck by an errant pitch from the Rays’ James Shields, causing Coco to charge the mound and the dugouts to empty.  The ensuing brawl got three players ejected.

Brawls are not unusual in baseball from time to time, but when later in the game (an eventual 7-1 rout of the Rays to put the BoSox at the head of the division) Manny Ramirez struck Kevin Youkilis in the dugout!  What’s going on over in Beantown?  You guys are in first!  Relax, you’re playing until September at least.

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