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The 2008 Beijing Olympics

Posted by Ryan on August 8, 2008

Berlin 1936:  Hitler’s Nazi Germany hosts the Olympics not only to showcase the prosperity which National Socialism had brought the Reich in the middle of the Great Depression, but also to bask in the attention given to such clean streets and orderly very white people.

Beijing 2008 will not sell such a facade.  We all know the deal with China and have not been living through a period like the 1930s.  China offends than it impresses people.  The changes China has made which it would like to showcase are those that make China look more Western, more like the rest of the world.  Yet, the smog cannot be whisked away at whim, which serves as an appropriate pall over the games — as if even the air in China is somehow sending a message that not all is right in the Middle Kingdom.  I applaud President Bush for making human rights statements while IN China, like he did today at our new embassy.

I’m going to watch some of the games, rooting for America to win some gold.  I appreciate the notion that being more engaged with China will put the appropriate pressures on them with the appropriate forces so that our ideals may be achieved with a maximum amount of political stability for China, but I can’t help but root against them and their form of totalitarianism. 

So: Free Tibet, Falun Gong, and everyone else in those Chinese jails there for simply expressing their human dignity in the face of a pseudo-fascist commie state!

Photo snuck out of China in a toy panda bear placed at the bottom of a rusty transport ship on a non-descript dock in Shanghai… not really, it’s AFP

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Tibet: China’s Bane

Posted by Ryan on March 15, 2008

New violence this week in Tibet reminds the world what a repressive place China remains.  China says ten people have died, the Dalai Lama’s people say 30, with hundreds under arrest for protesting 49 years of Chinese repression on the anniversary of China’s brutal crackdown and the political exile of the Dalai Lama.  In this matter I think I’m going to believe the Dalai Lama’s numbers.  Remember Tiananmen Square: the Goddess of Democracy, the student hunger strike during Gorbachev’s visit, and that iconic hero in front of the Chinese tank?  Well, most Chinese kids born afterwards don’t know a thing about it.  I was 12 years old back then and I will never forget how China responded to freedom’s march.

Of course, this latest round of protests are supposed to embarrass the Chinese government at a time when the world is watching. I believe that the world should be watching these events in Tibet and see it as typical Chinese government behavior.  

Brave countries trying to make a point would boycott (or at least vocally threaten to boycott) the Beijing Olympics this summer for a host of reasons: not just the blatant human rights abuses, political repression, religious animous, but also our tree-hugging friends should be outraged as well with China’s obnoxious pollution, which to many of them far outweighs the other issues.  It’s increasingly obvious that Beijing is trying to pull a Berlin in 1936: everything’s fine, we’re a good clean country, and we’ll smile at the world’s acquiescence while continuing to plot mischief behind the scenes. 

AP photo from yesterday.

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