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Romano Prodi Resigns; Bring Back Berlusconi!

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2008

Romano Prodi’s left-wing governing coalition has revived the Italian tradition of collapsing governments after losing a vote of confidence and resumed his hobby of resigning as Prime Minsiter.  Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, leading in the opinion polls, is now demanding a snap election. Although President Napolitano wants to avoid holding an election for a while, I hope they call one. Few world leaders were as pro-America in the middle part of this decade (the late 2000s came pretty quickly, no?) as Silvio Berlusconi.

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Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2008

Despite the Iowa caucuses, and the South Carolina primary, and the recent string of high-profile endorsements, I still believe that She Who Must Not Be Named will win the Democrat nomination. If this unfortunate event occurs, the witch will have no choice but select Barack Obama as her running mate. Mark Levin over at the Corner has already hinted at the reason why.

Democrat candidates for President routinely capture about 90 percent of the black vote, regardless of whether they win or lose. For this reason, Democrats often have trouble when black voter is lower than normal. Given the haphazard way SWMNBN and her husband have handled the race issue in this campaign, it is not difficult to foresee the same black voters who were rightly excited about the possibility of the first black President (sorry Bill) shunning the candidate who used questionable tactics against that candidate, especially if she compounds the problem by taking a pass on Obama when it comes time to fill the bottom of the ticket. On the other hand, selecting Obama would probably unify their party and energize one of its key demographics.

It would be act of colossal political stupidity for SWMNBN to select anyone other than Barack Obama as her running mate. Whether Obama would accept the nod after being the treated the way he has in the past month or so is another matter. Hopefully the former First Family’s tactics vis-a-vis Obama will keep ’em separated.

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Update: William Hague Video

Posted by Mike on January 27, 2008

I posted this a few days ago but I know some of you had trouble with the Sky video so here is the Youtube version.

Youtube video Hat tip: RedState

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Caroline Kennedy Supports Obama

Posted by Ryan on January 27, 2008

This analogy is getting tiresome. 

Back in 1960, JFK is said to have inspired an entire youth generation to get involved in public service and made them believe that everyone mattered and had the power to change the world.  Sounds a lot like what Jesus Christ does to people, but to Libs JFK is close enough.

So, after Barry’s big win yesterday JFK’s only surviving child, Caroline has endorsed O’Bama because, in short, like her father he preaches hope and inspires the youth (so does the Pope, by the way, but no Lib’s going to endorse Benedict for anything).  No President she remembers has inspired Caroline the way that O’Bama would, so turning O’Bama into the new JFK, Caroline lends him her support.

I hope the War on Terror ends.  I hope we’ll end our dependence on foreign oil.  I hope the economy will get better. I hope my taxes won’t go up.  I hope SWMNBN won’t win.  I hope Social Security will be there for us in a better, more solvent form.  I hope for world peace and hover cars that run on good-will and pixie sticks.

Yet how far can “hope” alone get you? 

Caroline speaks about the youth generation as needing someone to give them hope.  I’m a member of Gen X.  It’s not that simple to us.  Good feelings and intentions only get you so far.  We’re a cynical group because our politicians and leaders consistently let us down (most of whom are part of Caroline’s own Boom Generation by the way).  My generation requires action, not words.  We require substance, not fluff.  We require a candidate who is not just going to give us “hope” but produce actual results.  We are sick of the sweet-talkers and the word-bumblers.  To quote Nike’s ad department “Just Do It,” enough talk. 

O’Bama will get ripped to shreds against any Republican who can articulate specifics on achieving goals in a Republican way.  Suddenly, O’Bama’s smooth-talk and hope-speech turns into defensive, vague, Great Society/Big Government liberalism.  Plus, though socially liberal and not very popular until two months before he died, JFK cut taxes and was strong on defense.  Sorry Barry, you’re no JFK.

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